Free Workshops at AllHallowTide Spirit Fest!

There are six free 50-minute Workshops to choose from on 11/2/19.  You do not need to pre-register, but just show up. All Workshops are in "the Garden Room" at ISD.  Space is Limited.  Scroll down for Details!

10:00 am- 10:45  Diana Friedell, "Meet Your Spirit Guide"


11:00 am- 11:45 Dale Capristo -"The Eye of the Heart - Mary Magdalene"


12:00 - 12:45  Marguerite Uhlman-Bower, R.N.- "Managing Chronic Pain Naturally"


1:00 pm – 1:45  Tim Keys- "Harmonizing Your Home and Office"


2:00 pm – 2:45 Story Lucile Ducey- "Past Life Regression"


3:00 pm – 3:45 Judy Lynn and Story Lucile Ducey- "Messages from Spirit:  an Evidential Mediumship Demo"


10:00 am - 10:45 am

Find Your Spirit Guide

Diana Friedell, Psychic Medium
Oneonta, NY

Who is my Spirit Guide? How do I know they are there? 
Spirit Guides are there to help you create a life that flows easily and happily.  Also to help you accomplish your life plan that you made before you were born into this lifetime.  They are trusted valued friends who will never disappoint you.  Sylvia Browne, a famous psychic medium said that we get as many as 20-30 messages a day from our guides, but we dismiss them as our own thoughts or coincidence, so we miss out.  In Diana's guided meditation,  you will connect with your spirit guide while in the transcendent state and ask questions about your life path. You will receive insights and guidance.

Bio: Diana Friedell, Metaphysician, Minister, actress, and director, received her advanced training in the Spiritualist tradition from Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY.  She has been doing readings and teaching for 17 years.  Diana is currently a Sanctioned Minister, Staff Teacher and the Director at the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta.  Diana is available for private appointments, energy healing, meditation classes, parties, phone readings and intuitive development classes.
Diana is also offering private readings at the Spirit Fest today-
Go to AllHallowTide Spirit Fest page for More Info!
Office: 41-45 Dietz St, The Lotus Center 

12:00-12:45  pm

"Managing Chronic Pain"

Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, R.N.

Join nurse herbalist Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower for an introductory class on managing pain naturally. After her own motor vehicle accident, a brain injury and later contracting Lyme disease, Marguerite wants to share self-care methods, body work, aromatherapy, foods, herbal remedies and basic body adjustments that can lessen and reduce chronic pain, simply and easily.

We are thrilled to welcome Marguerite & her amazing expertise to the Healing Faculty, and she will be teaching a more extensive class on Managing Chronic Pain on April 11th here at ISD from 10-12:30 and an Afternoon Class the same day from 1-3:30 on how to make your own herbal extracts for pain management!

Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, R.N., Clinical Herbalist and co-founder of Plant Pioneers, a human-plant relations movement that serves to bring deeper connections of the natural world into our lives. The focus is on encounter based learning experiences where interactive (outdoor and indoor) exercises and instruction support natural wellness skills that mitigate and shift all types of sensory overload towards healthy solutions.
Workshops integrate natural self care, wellness through wild foods and herbals, knowing plants and trees on an intimate level, meditative forest bathing to un-foraging. Dialoguing circles create links to learn directly from observing Nature phenomena. Plant sensitive instruments and other intermediaries are used for thought provoking engaging effects. Book a date for your organization, community event  or classroom. To contact Marguerite: text / call 607-437-1218
[email protected] or

2:00 pm – 2:50 pm

 Story Lucile Ducey

"Past Life Regression"


Explore your karmic gifts and challenges. Experience a guided meditation leading you to past lives where you mastered skills and virtues, gifts of the soul you are meant to remember and share with others in this life. We are in school. By understanding the curriculum of your present life, with all its great joys and sorrows, you’ll sow the seeds of grace into your future lives.

This mini lecture is a preview of the in depth ISD continuing education course “The Art & Science of Meditation” given on Thursday, November 7th at The Lotus Center from 6:30-8:30 pm.

  • Classically trained psychic medium with 25 years experience in readings and teaching
  • Minister at the Institute for Spiritual Development
  • Recently certified by Edgar Cayce's Association of Research and Enlightenment.
  • Former faculty & board member, “Metaphysical Center of New Jersey”
  • Studied under Rabbi Joseph Gelberman and Rev. Janet Nohaveck.
  • Intuitive counseling and teaching in both Otsego County and the metropolitan area
  • Owner of Darling Hill Retreat Center in Westford, NY
  • More Info:

Story is also offering private readings at the Spirit Fest today-
Go to AllowHallowTide Spirit Fest Page  for More Info!

11:00am -11:45 pm

"The Eye of the Heart-

Mary Magdelene"

Dale Capristo

Beloved of Jesus, Scorned Woman, First Apostle, Teacher, Healer, Oppressed, Dismissed and now –  was Sainted

Who was she?

Explore her life and journey.

·        learn more about the Divine Feminine

·        learn about Mary Magdalene’s spiritual Path of Devotion

·        explore ways to dive more deeply into your own Path

This session will be an introduction into the Path of the Magdalene Third Thursday Meditation sessions. On the third Thursday of every month at ISD, all are welcome to attend, 5:30-6:30, as we join together to activate the healing frequencies of Mary Magdalene in your own life. Mary Magdalene embodied the highest qualities of the Divine, unshakeable faith, unwavering courage, love in action. Each month a quality of Mary Magdalene; faith, tenderness, intelligence, and more is explored and activated. Deepen your experience of Divine Feminine energies and connect with like hearted souls to share your experience.

In the session we will explore one or two of Divine Feminine qualities as exemplified by Mary Magdalene and how we experience these qualities.

Bio: Dale Capristo is an energy practitioner focusing on Reiki Sessions and Magdalena Energy sessions at Luminosity Reiki. She is passionate about sharing with others techniques for holistic healing and balance. Dale is a Reiki Master Practitioner active with Reiki since 2006, and a certified Magdalena Healing Practitioner since August 2018.

1:00 - 1:45 pm

Tim Keys

Reiki Master, Dowser

"Dowsing: Harmonizing Your Home and Office"

This is a hands-on workshop. Join Tim as he teaches us how to dowse, identify negative energies and minimize their effects thus raising the positive energies where we live and work. Tim is a member of the American Society of Dowsers.

Bio: Tim is a member of the American Society of Dowsers. He has studied with Master Dowsers Richard Benishai, Sig Lonegren, Patrick MacManaway and Raymon Grace. 

Tim will also be a healer at this Spirit Fest- email him to reserve your private spot or just drop in. Click here for more info on Tim and other Readers and Healers at AllHallowTide Spirit Fest.

Email: [email protected]

3:00 pm – 3:45
Judy Lynn & Story Lucile Ducey
Psychic Mediums

Evidential Mediumship Demo!

Messages delivered in the classic spiritualist style.  Evidence of Loved Ones in Spirit is brought forth as the mediums connect with visiting Spirits. You will need to speak up if the information they bring forward  sounds and feels like one of Your Spirit Loved Ones!  Messages for the highest good of all are delivered, with love and light in this sacred space.

Judy & Story are also giving private personal readings during this Spirit Fest.  More Info Click here. . .