Intuitive Threads

Laura Spickerman

Offering: Fashionable clothing and accessories crafted with pride in the USA. Peace frogs, Hot/cold frog bags, hand made willow baskets, fairy doors and wands

Bio: Laura is an exceptional seamstress that uses color energy to enhance the joy of all her wares. After more than 25 years making reproduction 18th century clothing she was ready to do more. Laura worked with a wonderful Psychic for 5 years learning to open up to the energies within and sharing that joy through her creations. Inspiration continues to flow and new creations develop all the time, so check out her space for what is next.

Super 7 Healers

Rosemarie Stars

Offering: Jewelry and stones that aid in raising your vibration effortlessly. Negative emotions cause lower vibrations which then attract negative experience and illness. We can change our experience by changing our vibration. We offer stones to help you on every level

Bio: Rosemarie is a metaphysical minister, a certified Quantum-Touch instructor/practitioner and specialist in healing with stones

Email: [email protected]

Jennifer & Brian Mancke


Imported, hand-crafted gifts- items from Nepal, embroidered hand bags , cashmere & silk scarfs, hand embroidered greeting cards made by the Nepal Deaf Woman’s Empowerment group

Bio: I am a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist and a graduate of The Center For Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy, as well as a Reiki Master/Practitioner. I currently own and operate my own part-time massage practice, Dancing Crow Massage ( in Oneonta NY. My training is based on swedish massage, but various other modalities, especially energy work, is incorporated in a basic massage. All items for sale goes to support TRIFC.ORG and their project sites in Nepal.

CyberHelp Natasha Mitchell

Chinese Traditional herbal supplement that balances your body energy for optimum wellness and weight. Also a nutritional intervention product that deals with metabolic decline, designed to improve the ability to balance blood sugar.   Chinese Traditional herbal supplement that balances your body energy for optimum wellness and weight. Also a nutritional intervention product that deals with metabolic decline, designed to improve the ability to balance blood sugar.

Leiah Bowden

Lightspeak Transformational Arts

Schenectady, NY 

Offering:  During a Chakra Portrait session, Leiah opens her joyous mirroring self to your multidimensional being, funnels your own powerful, radiant soul strengths and wisdom into your open chakra, also transmitting your soul’s information through words, song and chant and directs healing energy and love to energetic or emotional imbalances. The process often feels healing and uplifting. You get archival artwork and a a new appreciation for your true magnificence. Sessions = $30 Meditation cds = $5 Sessions = $20

Bio:   Since 1980, Leiah Bowden has worked with divine and galactic co-workers, mirroring people's authentic radiance. She creates Energy Portraits in person or long-distance of beings in any dimension, teaches classes in how to do this, and is an animal communicator. “Leiah is a true visionary, in every sense of the word... “ Jan Phillips, “Marry Your Muse,” “No Ordinary Time” "I am so thrilled with the portrait! FINALLY someone sees me!" - Stacy Wall, Reiki Master

To pre-book your personal appointment with Leiah at the Fair


Email:  [email protected] 

Facebook: Facebook

LinkedIn: Linked In

Nathan Battalion,
Healing Talks

Offering:   BioPhotonic S2 Scanner.

Based on Nobel Prize winning science the BioPhotonic S2 Scanner represents a culmination of over 15 years of research and is the only patented instrument that non-invasively in 90 seconds conducts a live tissue measurement and provides an immediate personal antioxidant assessment. Researchers & institutions behind the development of ageLOC include: LifeGen Technologies, (search "Richard Weindruch" & "Tomas Prolla" on, Pharmanex, Stanford and Purdue Universities.

Web: access code: aaa111
Contact: [email protected]
GlimmerGlo Beaded Jewelry Designs
Anita Tobler - from Cherry Valley, NY

I am a returning vendor to the Fair and I design and hand craft beaded jewelry. I lovingly use natural gemstones, crystal, glass and wooden beads. I enjoy making jewelry that arthritic and/or challenged people can easily wear. I also make jewelry for children. My joy is to provide a beautiful piece of jewelry that gives peace & pleasure to the wearer.
Contact:  607 264-8086

[email protected]

Island Girl
Henna Body Art
Jeannette "Hazel" Harper
NY, Florida & the Caribbean

Offering:  Timeless Temporary tattoos from 100% all Natural Ingredients- henna powder, lemon juice, sugar, essential oils of Lavender, Frankincense, & Cardamon.
All designs created freehand.  Custom designs welcome.

Designs start at $5. A large array of wildlife, Celtic, Native American, traditional and modern designs are available. Henna is applied completely freehand so custom designs are welcome. Henna is applied ON the skin similar to cake decorating (no needles) with 100% all natural & organic ingredients. Natural henna is safe and creates a rich auburn stain that can last a few weeks and gradually fades as your skin exfoliates.

Bio:  Being naturally artistic and having a love for ancient history made studying the art of henna a joy. I’ve been a professional henna artist since 2009 & mix my own recipe of 100% natural and organic ingredients: henna, lemon juice, sugar and essential oils of lavender, frankincense & cardamom. Custom designs welcome!

To pre-book your henna session with Hazel 

Contact: 607-434-7389 or just drop in!


Also available at: Avalon Moon, 68 Main St, Delhi NY,

Check out her Designs on Facebook!

ASEA - always SeAChange

Offering: Asea - The world's first and only redox-signaling supplement stabilized in a bottle. Native to the body and completely non-toxic. ASEA - a paradigm shift in health and awareness.

Loren & Ellen have been dedicated to improving peoples' lives for more than a combined 50 years in ways that have led them to share the powerful impact of ASEA.


[email protected] 

Find us on Facebook!

Contact:  607-829-3155

(See also Workshops)

Paint Your Way

Nancy Gruen

Ithaca, NY

Paint Your Way sells hand painted earrings with bright colors and that make you smile. I also make paper beads and design earrings and necklaces. All are fun to make and wear!

Bio:  Paint Your Way has been a work in progress for many years. I love to paint and II started painting on canvas, wood and making paper mache animals. I have recently started painting small earrings to share my joy and bring a smile to peoples faces. I just starting making paper beads and from there earrings and matching necklaces.


Email Nancy:  [email protected]

Lindt Chocolates

Terry Capuano, Lindt Chocolate Advisor

Spread Love and Joy by sharing Lindt Chocolates with those you love! Come sample products available locally from the Lindt Master Chocolatiers. See the new Spring products and remember Mother's Day is around the corner.  Place your orders in advance at this website and Terry can bring your Mother's Day chocolate to her booth at the Fair!


Contact Terry:  607-287-1703 or e-mail:  [email protected] or [email protected]

Ludmilla Hill

Health Coach, Stamford, NY

Offering:  Ludmilla is a Certified Health Coach, Nutritional consultant, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

         Ludmilla received her training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program in 2012 .

More info on the web:


It Works Global

Elizabeth Kreiley, Lackawanna, NY

Changing Lives Physically and Financially From the time of its inception in 2001, It Works Global has dedicated itself to providing professional quality beauty and wellness products that both reflect high standards of integrity and reach consumers at affordable prices. Today we proudly offer the highest quality nutritional supplements, exclusive anti-aging solutions, and our internationally famed Ultimate Body Applicator. Our dedication is always the consumer. (See slide show above!)


Bio:  My name is Elizabeth Kreiley and I got involved in this crazy wrap business after hearing about it from a friend. I'm sure many of you are as skeptical as I was when I first started but, after researching the product and the business opportunity, I was ready to jump in..I tried my first Ultimate Body Applicator and after 72 hours I had lost a total of 9 inches! I didn't know how it worked, I just knew I had found my MIRACLE!

Contact:  (585)738-7370 [email protected]

Vending for Entire Fair
Lewis Harrison
The Harrison Center for Personal Development
Stamford N.Y.

Author:  "Healing Depression Naturally" and more books. . . 

  Lewis Harrison is an speaker, consultant, and Contemporary Spiritual Teacher. He is a pioneer in the personal development movement. The author of nine books on human potential he offers seminar, workshops, retreats and phone based coaching.

Lavender Dreams (see slide show of some products above!)

Mary Torma-Kelley, Walton, NY

Handmade Corn Packs are made from cotton or flannel; filled with feed corn; and sewn in sections to help evenly distribute the corn to provide a moist, warm heat or a dry, cooling cold. Unscented and available in a variety of styles and sizes. Handmade Flaxseed Packs (eye pillows, yoga packs, headache/sinus packs) are made from flannel; filled with flaxseed and aromatic herbs (if desired); and provide a "softer" warmth or a "gentler" coldness. Lighter and smaller to drape nicely over the face.

Bio:  Corn Packs were developed after my motor vehicle accident in 1996. Looking for heat and cold remedies for my pain, I learned about the comforts of corn packs. With the help of my Physical Therapist, I began making various packs and Lavender Dreams was established. My love for crafting has led to many other handmade items being created and offered on my website.

To preview items, please visit my website:

Email: [email protected]

The Crimson Candle (see slide show of products above!)

Veronica Bero, Woodbridge, NY

(Both Days of Fair)

The Crimson Candle is a traveling metaphysical shoppe providing you with a beautiful array of Crystals and Tumbled stones, both to display and to wear, as well as a terrific smelling line of handmade Soy and Upcycled Candles and accessories. NEW For this Show: Crystal Charged Candles

Veronica Bero, Shaman, Energy Healer, and Proprietor of The Crimson Candle.... Let me know if you are looking for a special stone!

See Crimson Candle products on facebook! 

Contact:  [email protected]  347-282-4248

Holistic Health & Wellness
Craig Velardi ND MH CHS
Craig Velardi teaches his clients to facilitate good health through natural intervention. He offers his clients an alternative pathway towards better health with lifestyle and dietary recommendations incorporating various modalities. Craig encourages his clients to make positive changes towards a stress free life including proper rest and exercise with supplementation specifically geared for their individual needs. Coaching and accountability also plays a big part in helping individuals complete their goals towards better health.

Craig Velardi, ND, MH, CHS, received his Doctorate of Naturopathy, Certification as Master Herbalist, and Certification as Health Specialist through Trinity College of Natural Health. He is also a graduate of Grace and Peace Institute of Biblical Studies. 
Craig has a private practice in Otsego County, New York where he dedicates his efforts and passion for healthy living towards helping people live a spiritually connected, emotionally balanced, and physically thriving life. Since 2005, Craig has helped many clients with a variety of chronic health issues, ranging from depression and anxiety to digestive disorders to PMS to chronic pain.
Craig was also a Tai Chi Chuan instructor at Peter Kwok’s Kung Fu Academy, Caldwell College adult night school and T & C Dance Company during the late 1970's and early 1980's while living in New Jersey.
Craig and his family have been vegetarians since 1991. He and his family now reside in rural Upstate New York.

Holistic Health & Wellness
20 West Street
Edmeston, New York 13335

On the web:
Holistic website:
Health Blog:
Author Blog:


Sarah Root, Maryland NY

Informational Table #22 Saturday

See Also:  Healing Sessions: Friday 4-9 only


Offering:  Radiance Healing Energy: Radiance uses a potent array of pure, high-vibration energies to clear, restore and uplift you ~ body, heart and soul. Specific needs can be addressed: it releases blockages in cellular memory, then replenishes and strengthens those areas, anchoring your entire energy field into a more expanded, higher level. Radiance Healing is like “Reiki X100” and draws intuitively on Karuna Reiki, Archangel energies and the Sai Maa shakti for lasting results.

Bio:  Sarah Root is a Transformative Energy Worker whose focus is bringing healing, clearing and awakening to people and the planet. Active in cutting edge energy work for 20 years, Sarah is the founder of many high-vibration “New Earth” Energy Attunements received from Spirit since 2010. She is a gifted channel of all kingdoms of life, and she integrates intuitive messages, healing energy, sacred ceremony and shamanic practices into her work to bring new awareness to your heart and shifts into your life.

More Info on the Web: 

Find Sarah on Linked In, Click here

To pre-book your session with Sarah at the Fair on Friday & assure a spot Prices:  $30/30 minutes

Contact: 607-353-9833  [email protected],

or just drop in!

Aura'bout You

Barbara Lubow, West Hurley, NY

Aura Photography

Offering:  Aura and Chakra Photos with Energetic Analysis Aura Face Photo., Chakra Bodyprint and Energy Graph reveals your personality strengths and areas where you can enhance your being $30


Barbara Ellen has worked and studied in the field of metaphysical science and energy dynamics since 1976. She utilizes her many intuitive gifts and creative talents, as well as learned disciplines among which are; aura and chakra imaging, kinesiology, fingerprint and hand analysis to support each person in letting go of limiting beliefs and expanding into their greatest self. Barbara is available for Private sessions, workshops, parties and corporate events.

To pre-book your aura photo with Barbara

CONTACT:  845-684 5061, or e-mail [email protected]

or just drop in!

More info on the

Glimmerloch Designs Jewelry
Barbara Fischer, Cooperstown, NY

Offering: Jewelry designs that showcase crystals and gemstones set in Sterling Silver and 14k gold-filled metals
All crystals and gemstones that I use are natural; not dyed, heated, irradiated or treated unless noted (nowadays all Turquoise is stabilized with polymers).
I use only Sterling Silver or Gold-filled metals for spacer beads and clasps. These are the same stones that crystal healers use in their treatments. I will be bringing my reference books along to let customers know exactly what each stone's metaphysical healing properties are.

Bio:    Local Jewelry Artist, Barbara Fischer, captures nature's energy in classic and contemporary jewelry designs that showcase the natural beauty of genuine crystals and gemstones.

Email: [email protected]

Garden of One Rensallear, NY

Rachel Ginther

Offering: 500+ Flower/Vibrational Essence & Aromatherapy Products: Mysts, Essences, Baths, Candles, AromaVibrationals, Kits, Energy Peels, Ormus and more!

Bio: Alchemist, FSE; provides fertile ground and sanctuary for those seeking personal growth through her wholistic spiritual retreat and learning center and organic permaculture farm, The Garden at Thunder Hill ~ A Center for Spiritual Evolution and Lady Liberty Farm

The Plaide Palette - Susan Miller, Cherry Valley, NY

Offering: Celtic jewlery, incense, pendulums, witchballs and spirit balls, scarves, teas, greenmen, greenwomen (handmade), more! From Susan Miller. See video above.


Young Living Essential Oils

Chelsea Young, Clyde, NY

Young Living is the world leader in essential oils, are that of genuine therapeutic-grade. They are used for medicinal, emotional, and spiritual healing, allowing you to live a life full of health, wellness, and abundance. Young Living Essential Oils are now being used in over 50+hospitals within the US, and 100+countries!

I have been using Young Living products for 13 years, and have been an Independent Distributor (silver rank) for the last 7 of those years. I have attended seminars and conventions here in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Utah, Hawaii, and Idaho to become educated on Young Living and the healing benefits of the products. I am also certified in the Raindrop Technique. Website: Email: [email protected]

Karina Marvelina
Face Painter, Extrordinaire!

Offering: Face and Body Painting

Like Karina & see more of her designs on Facebook!
Friday 4:00-9:00 pm only

Jennifer Kemper Pottery 

The woman behind the mask!

Oneonta, NY

Offering:   Handmade pottery such finger labyrinths, ritual items, chalices, jewelry components such as beads and pendants, Fairy Items, and items made from recycled materials.

Bio:  Jennifer has been an artist all of her life, a full-time potter for over 30 years. She is also adept at many other crafts and art forms. Art and functional items made with recycled materials is also a great interest. Jennifer is also a Wiccan Priestess and facilitates ritual celebrations such as pagan holidays, weddings, house blessings and more..

Contact: [email protected]

Vending only on Saturday 9-5

View Web for more of her work:

Laura Sikkema

Cobble Glass and Creation

Cooperstown,  NY

Offering:  Stain Glass "Sun-Catchers" (see Slide show above)

These designs are inspired by a loving spiritual connection and crafted with many beautiful and uniquely colored sheets of glass. These original images are styled to brighten any window providing for a wonderfully thoughtful gift. The artist uses her spiritual dedication throughout the creative process with a belief that this will shine though the light and reflect a positive inspiration into your home.

Bio:  Local Artist,  Laura Sikkema is motivated with a strong spiritual sense and love. Through art she has found a way to focus her creativity to bring love and light in these creations. She has a passionate connection with glass work and providing local work that is noticably hand crafted.

Contact[email protected];   Phone: 315/744-4507

Livan's Naturals - Myrna Livan (see slideshow above!)
from Binghamton, NY

Offering: Petroleum free body butters, massage oils, essential oils, hand made vegetable oil based soaps. Body scrubs and clays.

Livans Naturals provides petroleum free, naturally scented items for bath and body. All of our products are made with vegetable oils, some organic. We believe that what you put on your skin should be good enough to eat. We are here to help you "feed your skin".


I began marketing vegetable based skin care products in 2009 because it appeared that many of the so called natural products contained synthetic ingredients and the majority of consumers do not know the difference. I wanted to bring something that was simple, basic , and helpful.


Visit us on Facebook!


Life by Design

Melinda Schaefer

Tonawanda, NY

Offering:  Beautiful handcrafted all natural organic soaps. High moisturizing bars with certified essential oils. Therapeutic cleansing bars with natural clay, and anti-bacterial essential oils. Luxurious bars made with cruelty-free Tussah silk.

Bio:  I got into Holistic healing after an injury, and became a student of Eastern practices and ancient knowledge concerning health.


Visit Life By Design on Facebook!

Vending for Entire Fair

Connection 2 Spirit

Holistic & Spiritual Gifts 

Pam Kramer, Rochester, NY

Offering:  gemstones, crystals, tarot/oracle cards, pendulums, buddhas, angels, stained glass suncatchers, sage, incense, celestial necklaces and more (see slide show above)

Bio:  Pam is a Lifetime Spiritual Explorer (channeling, shamanic work, mystery school, and more), Oneness blessing giver, serial entrepreneur, ordained minister, and stained glass artist. 

 Contact:  585-703-2060

Henry’s Emporium- Works of the Woods

(see slide show above)

Henry Eisengrein

Walton, NY

As an artist, I make handcrafted wood workings such as Runes Sets, Adirondack and Catskill style heirlooms, gilded wood crafts and unique toys. All items are hand crafted, constructed and presented by the artist (myself). I also offer custom printed and hand made scrolls and assorted hand branded wood art & dangles.

I've learned as an apprentice and journeyman tutored by a Master Wood Craftsman. As a wood artist, I've created, designed and completed a number and variety of finished pieces. Prototypes and examples were inspected and acknowledged by my instructor and close friend throughout the years. Although accomplished, I still continue to design and develop new items. Some of my current work can be found on the ETSY site under the WorksOfTheWoods banner.

Contact[email protected]

Marilyn Roper
2 Dietz St., Oneonta, NY

Offering:  crystals,  metaphysical items, pendulums and smudging supplies. 

Bio:  Marilyn is a life-long musician who turned to the world of energy work about 10 years ago. She started with Reiki, then crystals, then moved on to become licensed in Reconnective Healing, Quantum Touch and Access Bars. She is the sole proprietor of The Crystal Phoenix, a small metaphysical store at 2 Deitz Street in Oneonta,where she often teaches customers how to run energy and to charge and use crystals.

Contact[email protected]. 607-432-4943

See Also:  Marilyn's Workshop- Saturday

Roseanne D'Erasmo Script

Buffalo, NY

Offering:  Meditation CD's, Children's Books

(See Slide show Above!)

Roseanne is the author of two books for families or those new to meditation and chakras. They are I AM a Rainbow,(chakras) and

I AM Within (meditation). She also presents two professionally produced CD's that are compiled by herself and her son Matt, Chicago guitarist, providing lovely original acoustic guitar melodies for relaxation and a chakra meditation. She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Reiki Level 11 healer and will also provide requested Healing Touch or Reiki Treatments.

More info about her books:


Contact716 536-6230; [email protected]  or just drop in!

 See Also:  "Healers"' Find Roseanne at her Healing Table        

Charlie Walters

West Harrison, New York

OfferingHand Crafted Items:

Hand made hula hoops, hemp jewelry, and gluten free & vegan treats, protein bars.


Sandee Friedland, Official Distributor

Smallwood, New York

Earthcalm, the Ultimate in EMF Protection. Learn how to protect yourself from the harmful effects of computers, cell phones, microwaves, radio waves, electricity and all man made Electromagnetic fields. You will experience a healing when you try on our products.

Freedom from Electromagnetic Fields

Sandee Friedland has been appearing at holistic expos for over 10 years. Come and witnesses the amazing and sometimes miraculous healing that people experience when trying the EarthCalm Products. I will give a 10% discount on all our products. See them all at and call me directly at 917 940 6510 for your discount.

Contact[email protected];  917 940 6510

Malgosia E. Krasuska PhD


Sacred Space for Soul Mind Body Healing


Dr. Malgosia is a Certified Soul Healer & Teacher, Founder of Divine Temple - Soul Healing & Teaching Center, Endicott, NY.  She teaches Power of Soul, and offers Soul Healing and Blessings for health and transformation of relationships, finances, and all aspects of life; Soul Communication, Soul Guidance & Spiritual Mentorship. She works with individuals, groups; in person, over the phone, or remotely and offers workshops, and guest lectures for churches and spiritual groups.


Dr. Malgosia Krasuska  is a Spiritual Scientist and a Soul Healer & Teacher with 24 years of professional experience focused on healing of the Soul, Mind and Body.  She created and taught a ‘Spirituality & Healing’ course at SUNY. She is an advanced student of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, one the most powerful healers currently present on Mother Earth and is a devoted servant of Mother Divine: "My life mission is to heal, teach and empower humanity how to heal themselves."

 On the Web at:

Find Divine Temple on Facebook!

For a consultation with Dr. Malgosia at Fair
Contact: (607) 372-5252  or [email protected]
or just drop in!
$ 20 for 15 minutes - includes a FREE book
$ 40 for 30 minutes
- includes a FREE book
Celebration of Life
Judy Jarvis, Margaretville, NY

Offering:  handcrafted Native American arts and crafts such as dreamcatchers, chokers, herbs with shells and sage for burning, handcrafted purses, gemstone necklaces, Herkimer Diamonds, drums, rattles, etc. 

Contact:  845-586-2330