The Tepee
Dale LaTella
Cherry Valley, NY

For your cleansing purposes we offer sage, smudge sticks, sweet grass, ritual candles and smudge in a bottle. Need to wash away negativity use our crystal soaps made locally and fine body oils. A large selection of crystal pendulums and fine crystal jewelry and dichoric glass jewelry made locally. Wonderful gift products for your body, mind and soul.

Bio:  The Tepee, a road side attraction gift shop built in 1950, that not only offers Native Crafted items but many items are locally made and made in the USA. Fine jewelry, crystals, sterling silver jewelry, candles, oils, incenses, soaps and so much more too numerous to list. Gifts for everyone. Please check out our website at and find us on facebook. We are located at 7632 Us Hwy 20 in Cherry Valley NY.
Email: [email protected] or call us at 607-264-3987 for store hours.
John Naughton,
Energy Works of Western NY
Orchard Park, NY

 In the cultivation of a spiritual lifestyle, it is important to expand our understanding of the body, spirit and soul. As we unify the various parts of our being we improve the reality of our lives we make the world a better place. Phoenix (John Naughton) has solved a 2,000 year old mystery that explains how the Body, Spirit and Soul work to create the reality that is our lives. He shares the information he learned in 4 books. 1) The Book of One 2) Creation 3) Forgiveness 4) Revelations

Phoenix is the pen name for John Naughton. As a dream interpreter he learned the true meaning of the 2,000 year old prophecy “The Revelations of Christ”. For 9 months spirit shared the truths of the prophecy. It is all about the collective spirit (and individuals within it) that are on a journey into the light of the heavens. You can learn more about Phoenix and his work at
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Guilty Sparkle Henna
(Saturday Only)
Destiny Miller
Norwich, NY
(See slideshow of her work above)

Offering:  Guilty Sparkle Henna provides wearable art that is 100% organic and fun.
Guilty Sparkle can be reached through email [email protected] or through facebook

Radiant Elephant Henna

Cheyanne Bonanza

(Sunday only)

See Slide Show above

Radiant Elephant offers a variety of beautiful henna tattoos and handmade goods. Creating happiness and spreading love are our main intentions.

 Contact Cheyanne: [email protected]    

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instagram: radiant_elephant

Leiah Bowden

Lightspeak Transformational Arts

Schenectady, NY

See Slide Show of some of her work above

Offering:  During a Chakra Portrait session, Leiah opens her joyous, mirroring self to your multidimensional being, funnels your own powerful, radiant soul strengths and wisdom into your open chakra, also transmitting your soulÂ’s information through words, song and chant and directs healing energy and love to energetic or emotional imbalances. The process often feels healing and uplifting. You come away with archival artwork and a new appreciation for your true magnificence. You may record the session.

Bio:   Since 1980, Leiah Bowden has worked with divine and galactic co-workers, mirroring people's authentic radiance. She creates Energy Portraits in person or long-distance of beings in any dimension, teaches classes in how to do this, and is an animal communicator. 

“Leiah is a true visionary, in every sense of the word... — Jan Phillips, “Marry Your Muse,” “No Ordinary Time” "I am so thrilled with the portrait! FINALLY someone sees me!" - Stacy Wall, Reiki Master

To pre-book your personal appointment with Leiah at the Fair

Contact:  [email protected]

Facebook: Facebook!

LinkedIn: Linked In

Michelle Lorenzo

Earth Treasures

Bethel, NY

See Slide Show of her Work above!

At Earth Treasures you will find a variety of beautifully hand-crafted dreamcatchers, smudge feathers, smudge kits, genuine gemstone and shell jewelry, and hand-dipped incense.. We also carry quality sage, cedar, a variety of resins, and an array of genuine tumbled gemstones. Come visit us!

Bio:  Michelle Lorenzo founded Earth Treasures out of her love of nature and all of its beautiful gifts that inspire creativity and well-being.

Visit for a sampling of the beautifully hand-crafted items you will find when you visit the Earth Treasures booth or

E-mail Michelle at [email protected] with any questions.

The Bodhi Tree

(see slide show of products above!)

Veronica Bero, Sugar Loaf, NY

(Both Days of Fair)

Offering: The Bodhi Tree (Pronounced /BŌ DĒ/) is a Cultural Crystal Shop fit for both enlightened masters and those who aren't sure what "Metaphysical" means. We carry a vast array of Light Filled Crystals from all over the globe and though crystals are our primary focus we also carry metaphysical accessories, crystal jewelry, incense and smudging supplies. We are honored to be returning to the Shift Fair and absolutely in love with all of our friends there.

Bio: "Vero" Bero is Co-Owner of The Bodhi Tree, A Cultural Crystal Shop. She works diligently to be a stand for all light with her Life Partner and Co-Owner Brad Middleton. She is an Ordained Minister and Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Practitioner, Writer, Mom, Shaman, Free Spirit, Friend, Goddess, Dancer, Speaker, Angel, (a lil’ bit devil), and Moderate Housekeeper (because there are so many other things to do with one’s time). BodhiTree.Rocks -

Veronica (Vero) Bero is also offering a workshop


Email:   [email protected]

Phone: 347-282-4248

Bodhi Tree on Facebook:  Facebook/BodhiTreeLife

Michelle Howe
Empath Evolution
Brewerton, NY

Empath Evolution is here specifically for Empaths - to teach, guide and help them embrace their unique path in this lifetime. We work with individuals who are ready to learn about intuitive development, energetic connection and the energy body. Empath Evolution provides development programs, consultations and community presentations. Visit to learn more.

Michelle J. Howe is the founder of Empath Evolution. She is a healer and teacher bringing new knowledge, tools and insights to help Empaths gain deeper understanding of themselves and their lives. Michelle is a Reiki Master and an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) practitioner. Additionally, she is also a graduate of Orin & DaBen’s Awakening your Light Body program.
 If you want to learn more, contact Michelle at [email protected] to schedule a free introductory consultation.
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Linked In:

A Healther YOU, Naturally

Christina Townsend

Guilford, New York


Tired of guessing about nutritional supplements? Knowing what your body prefers, you can make better decisions about the nutritional products you buy. The ZYTO Compass uses advanced technology to communicate directly with your body (biocommunication). Simply put your hand on the cradle for a 3-5 min. scan. Your body will provide readings that are analyzed, ranked and recorded in a simple report.

Young Living Essential Oils is the world leader in cultivation, distillation, and production of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. On display will be 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and essential oil blends, essential oil-infused health supplements, personal care products and NingXia Red goji wolfberry juice. As a team leader in this area I will be available to introduce Young Living and look forward to any questions you may have. Here's to a Healthier YOU, Naturally in 2017!

Bio: Christina M. Townsend, Independent Distributor of Young Living essential oils and supplements along with Compass powered by ZYTO. My passion is to share and learn with others on how to become A Healthier You, Naturally!


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 607-226-3993

Plaide Palette
Susan Murray-Miller
Cherry Valley, NY

Plaide Palette offers a wide variety of metaphysical delights from crystals, witch and spirit balls, pendulums, incense and tarot decks plus scarves and cloaks. Lots of delightful goodies for healing, wisdom and enlightenment.

Susan Murray-Miller is an author and ghost communicator living in Cherry Valley NY. Sue migrated to Cherry Valley over 28 years ago and has been its resident "Ghost Meister" ever since. Author of the widely popular books "Time Between, the Hauntings of Cherry Valley NY" and her newest ghost/murder/mystery novel "Chasing Sarah", she has entertaining insights and answers questions with knowledge and experience. . on facebook as Susan Murray-Miller and Susan Miller
[email protected]
607 264-3769
Rainbow Breeze Tie Dye
Bob Marshall
Walton, NY

Offering:  Bob makes and sells tie dye t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, and kids clothes.  Printed to order at the fair- large variety of iron on transfers for the whole family- whether you want onesies for the new baby or a shirt for Grandma with a peace sign!  Bob's got it all
Order ahead and Bob will have it at the fair for you!

Bio:  After working with a friend's Tie Dye business, Bob learned the ropes and discovered a passion.  He started Rainbow Breeze Tie Dye two  years ago and has been having fun creating and meeting people ever since.
He looks forward to seeing you at the fair!
[email protected]
Lewis Harrison
Stamford, NY
Vending on Sunday only

Lewis Harrison is the author of sixteen books including
"Spiritual, Not Religious: Sacred Tools for Modern Times",  a book   concerned with personal development, human potential, stress reduction and business excellence. and "The Tao te Ching: A Meta-Analysis of Lao Tzu's classic.
Lewis Harrison speaks to organizations and businesses of all types and offers seminars throughout the world on his work on the art and science of decision making through spiritually motivated  "Game Based Thinking".
 Lewis is also offering a workshop on Sunday at 3pm.
See Workshops
He also offers private fee based coaching programs.
Call him at 212-724-8782 for more information.
E-mail:  [email protected]
Karin Kane
Doterra Essential Oils
Albany, NY

Offering:  Essential oils are great for many things: Diffuse them, use for cooking, emotions cleaning, etc. I will be offering hand massages and plenty of products made with the pure essential oils. New year new you with the purest of oils.

I have been a Doterra advocate since June of 2016 and firmly believe in the products and the health benefits they provide. You can use them in everyday life. Being a mom and working full time and still finding time to share the benefits of great oils.
Email: [email protected]

Thomas Wolf
USANA Health Sciences
Bloomville, NY

I am a Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor. And I am an Independent Associate with USANA Health Sciences, which manufactures the highest-rated nutritional supplements and world-renowned weight management and personal care products. I work closely with people to help them with having more energy and reaching their dietary and weight loss goals. I also address digestive concerns. This is great for people who are vegetarian and for those who consume a paleo diet. I look forward to seeing you at the Fair!

Bio:  USANA Health Sciences Independent Associate,
 Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor, Level 2
Contact: [email protected]
Thomas is also offering a workshop on Sunday at noon
See Also Workshops
Dr. A. Ben Goins MS DSM
iMedDo Inc NeuSilver(tm
Anthony, Florida
Dr. Ben Goins hand bottled premium health supplements that are good for your body and soul. In the body, there are good metals, bad metals, and weird metals but do you know why they are classified the way they are? Come learn the role metals play in the human body and get your free samples.
Bio:  Dr. Ben Goins, M.S, D.S.M. has degrees in Bio Chemistry, Bio Physics, Medical NeuroScience & Medical Dosimetry, two of which are from MD Anderson Cancer Center. He uses his training to hand bottle premium health supplements that are good for the body and soul. One of his Iodine research papers has been published while the other one is in the process.
You can read them on his linked in page:
Read more about his line of health supplements at:

                         Earth Treasures
                                  Michelle Lorenzo
                                        Bethel, NY

At Earth Treasures, you will find hand-crafted dream catchers, smudge feathers, genuine gemstone key chains, bookmarks, pendulums & jewelry, hand-dipped incense, tumbled gemstones, sage, palo santo and more. There is something for everyone. Come take a look!

Michelle Lorenzo of Earth Treasures brings together her background in psychology, massage therapy, reiki, hypnosis, ESP, and ancestral research with her love of nature to create unique items from natural materials to aid you on your journey to balance and wellness. For examples these hand-crafted items, you can visit Earth Treasures on Facebook at If you have any questions, or would like to place a custom order, please email [email protected]

Spickerman's Intuitive Threads

               Laura Spickerman

                Schoharie, NY

Spirit inspired fashionable clothing & Accessories, hand painted Silk scarves & tapestries, Peace Frogs, Hot Cold Frogs, Tarot bags, purses, Hand crafted Viking knit wire jewelry, Handmade Willow baskets, Fairy wands and glass witch balls.

Laura is an exceptional seamstress that infuses spirit guided inspiration, color energy and prayer to enhance each garment. Every creation is meant to empower the wearer with serenity; the balance to joy. After more than 25 years making reproduction 18th century clothing Laura knew she could reach out and serve more. She worked with a wonderful Psychic for several years learning to open up to the energies within and sharing that joy through her creations.