Pink Moon Apothecary
         Ginny Paul
          Poland, NY
             Sat. & Sun
Candles; Essential Oils, organic soaps, Gems, Minerals/Crystals; Hand Crafted Items

Pink Moon Apothecary is a woman-owned business offering handmade organic skincare and aromatherapy products, hand-poured crystal-infused coconut+soy candles, herbs + remedies, and carefully curated jewelry and home decor.

About Ginny. . .
Ginny Paul is a retired massage therapist with almost 20 years experience in the field of  holistic health. She is a certified herbalist and ongoing student of herbalism, and focuses on a holistic approach or healing and self-care.
Web:  Pinkmoonapothecary.com

    ROC Metaphysical
     Pamela Perkins
    Sat. and Sun.
          Metaphysical Magazine   

ROC Metaphysical is an online monthly metaphysical magazine. With writers from around the globe voluntarily sharing their knowledge and wisdom. Plus the magazine has business advertising, a directory and event calendar. Our mission is to Enlighten and Inform.

Web:  https://www.rocmetaphysical.com

Contact: Pam Perkins [email protected]

Institute for Spiritual Development
Oneonta, NY
Sherry Barton, ISD Board Member

ISD is a metaphysical church & learning center,  that focuses on healing, intuitive connection, and the joy of finding the spirit connection within rather than being told how it should or could be experienced. Come to our table and find out about this spiritual group of like-minded people, in which you can explore and find your own path in a community of love and support. There are classes, services, events, and a sense of community and fellowship. Our Oneonta Chapter is one of 5 chapters nationwide.


Freddy's Rockin Lemonade

Sharon Springs, NY

Sat. & Sun.

Freddy's Rockin Lemonade makes fresh squeezed lemon, lime and orangeade flavored with homemade syrups crafted from real fruit, herbs and botanicals. During colder weather we will also be offering coffee, tea and homemade hot cocoa, mulled cider and horchata!

About: Freddy's Rockin Lemonade was formed in the Summer of 2021 and has been raising the game on fair lemonade ever since! Check us out at facebook.com/freddys-rockin-lemonade and on instagram.com/freddysrockinlemonade.

Forever Nerdy

Jessie & Amy

Marcy, NY

Sat. & Sun.

Jessie & Amy
Marcy, NY

We are Forevernerdy.com. we sell homemade soft and squishy sensory plush toys.
Sha Blackburn
The Loon Witch

Tarot Reader
Aura Photography

Sunday Only

Offering:  AURA PHOTOGRAPHY - See your true self of light and color that exists through the chakras, and receive a personal interpretation unique to you about what your aura saying about you in the moment. TAROT READINGS - A snapshot of your life in this moment with the most important things you should know called out to you. Each reading includes a future prediction for the next 6-12 months. RUNE READINGS - Learn how to harmonize your life with the energies surrounding you right now.

Bio:  Internationally known psychic, known to be compassionate, insightful and “scary accurate”. She specializes in Tarot Readings; Rune Readings, and Aura Photography. She is passionate about life and uses her 4 decades of experience to help others to learn, cope and create the life that they desire. Find out more on her website

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Sha please contact her directly.

Phone:  508-789-5141
Website:  www.loonwitch.com
Renee Stanley
Original artwork
Oneonta, NY
Sat. & Sun.
Renee Stanley
Original Artwork
Oneonta, NY

See Slideshow above

My art has a serious message with a whimsical attitude. My art is created to empower women and to gently remind us that we do not need to be everything all the time.

About Renee:
Renee is a local mixed media collage artist.

Contact:   [email protected].
Follow me on Instagram @ reneelewisstanley.

Jaya Buckland
Imported Gifts
Jaya Enterprises 2

Jaya will be offering a selection of jewlery, and gifts from her recent trip to India

About Jaya:
Jaya (Jennnifer) Buckland

is a Registered E-RYT 500 with the American Yoga Alliance, a Certified Yoga Nidra Trainer and facilitator, as well as a Certified Yoga Nidra and Meditation for Children.  She has a Certificate in Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors, is a Certified Yin Yoga Instructor, and PAHT Crystal Resonance Practitioner, as well as a Certified Usui Reiki Master.

CONTACT:  [email protected]

Jasmine Moon Wellness
Kelly Cross
Sherburne, NY
Sat. & Sun.

Unique Crystal Healing Bracelets

Jasmine Moon Wellness specializes in creating unique crystal healing bracelets.  These handmade bracelets are made with AAA+ quality crystals that carry a high healing frequency, made with a strong elastic cord, not string, and are all blessed on our altar with positive healing intentions for the wearer. Our crystal bracelets are just one of the tools that we offer to help you bring emotional and physical balance and healing to your everyday life.

About Kelly. . .
My name is Kelly Cross and I am the owner of Jasmine Moon Wellness. Our website, www.jasminemoonwellness.com offers unique crystal healing bracelets, crystal jewelry, custom essential oils, crystals, and cleansing supplies. I also offer energy/crystal healing services in Norwich on an FDA approved amethyst bio mat paired with a vibroacoustic technology mat bringing the client healing at a cellular level. Email me at [email protected]

Wind and Wood
Caroline Gedney
Queensbury, NY
Saturday Only
Smudge fans, smudge sticks, altar decorations

Wind and Wood

I make smudge fans of varying sizes and complexity.  They are made with materials found and farmed locally and assembled with love.  I also make smudge sticks with personally grown herbs.   Homemade smudge trays and altar decorations will be offered as well.

About Caroline. . .

I am retired and can now devote my time to my creative side.  I have a loving and supportive family.  I enjoy gardening, harvesting my herbs, and visiting the Adirondacks.
I am brand new at vending at festivals. I do not have a website. I can be contacted at [email protected].  I will soon have an instagram account so people can see my fans called windandwood.ny.


Michelle Irene

Messages for The Soul - Readings +

Inspirational Gifts from my own authored books and oracle cards

Michelle Irene

The host of 'The Daily Oracle' Podcast, Michelle just recently completed her 4th book 'Flying Free. As an author, oracle card creator, & intuitive angel reiki master, my mission is to guide you towards a greater understanding & awareness of your soul's light.  Gifting you the opportunity to attract abundance & cultivate more joy in your daily life. Through your spiritual practice, you not only gain ancient wisdom and insight but the trajectory of your authentic spirit, embodying your true being.
Pre-Book a reading with Michelle to guarantee your spot at this fair: [email protected]

Sage Heals
Astrologer, Workshop Presenter
Oneonta, NY
Sat. & Sun.
Sage Provides Modern Vedic Astrological Counseling and speaks on the wisdom gathered over his 35+ years of truth seeking.  Healing with love, intuition, astrology, and a host of ancient practices.  Specializing in spiritual seekers and those desiring holistic healing.   Pre-book with Sage to guarantee a private  appointment with him at this fair. . . .
 Web: www.astrologicalhealing.me,
Email:  [email protected], Cell: 570 772 6040
At 15 Sage was handed, by his teacher, a Pagan Black Foot Indigenous shaman: astrology, theosophy, Alchemy, The Seth Material and many other subjects, sending Sage on a 30 year quest of The Great Work. Sage dedicated 7 years avidly studying astrology, along with numerous ancient and modern spiritual systems. Blended with his intuitive abilities, many healing modalities and remedies to assist those who are called to his services. Email [email protected] to set 30 minute appointments
Shannon Delany
Delany Designs
Sat. Only

Author & Artist
Shannon Delany
Delany Designs

Author & Artist

Shannon Delany is an award-winning author, artist and educator whose books have been published by St. Martin's Press and translated into multiple languages. She also works as a ghostwriter for a major NYC agency helping underrepresented people share their story. She has displayed her artwork at the Fenimore and around the country and illustrated several books.

Leah Bowden
Lightspeak Transformational Arts

SoulJourney Chakra Portraits hand-painted mirrors of your soul's radiance, depict & activate the flow of your spiritual energy. Leiah sees, hears, and feels your soul's memories and projections, singing, chanting, and speaking your soul's messages to you as she receives them from your multidimensional aspects, often angelic and off-planet. This healing, radiant, positive mirror of your true being will help you powerfully and gently open to the magnificent self you came here to be.
Bio:  Intuitive guide Leiah Bowden's mission is to encourage people to experience their authentic radiance and innate power and to live with joy. She inspires people and helps them heal through soul readings, energy work, high frequency animal communication, and through her unique SoulJourney Energy Portraits, mirrors of people's authentically divine radiance. See and hear her work at lightspeak.com. Email her with questions or to schedule an appointment for this fair at [email protected]
Leiah is also offering a workshop: See Workshops. . .

Penny's Pure Delights

I love baking and my list of baked goods for this fair will be baklava, kourabiedes, koulourakia, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, cakes and gluten free options.

Panagiota Giakoumis

I grew up both in NY City and Greece. I went back and forth until I was a teenager. In my 20's I got married, had three children, and many years later divorced. I have earned several degrees, with my latest being in Culinary Arts, AOS; from SUNY Schenectady. I am currently working as a lead/sous chef but my passion is baking.