Here is a list of the energy healers & psychic readers who are signed up as of now — 
check back often as new listings will be posted as they are approved.
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Beth Purdy
Transformational Healing Journeys

Offering:  Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), developed by Stevan J. Thayer, is the next level of healing. IET uses a Divine Angelic Energy Ray to work directly on your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA. IET supports you in safely and gently releasing dense, and limiting energy patterns from your physical, emotional, mental and karmic bodies, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helping you to move into your true life-purpose.

Bio: Beth Purdy has a degree in Psychology and worked as a Hospice Counselor for many years . She is a Certified Master-Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), (Healing with the Energy of Angels) and is a Reiki Master. Beth is Certified in Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, and in Past Life Regression, by world renown psychiatrist, Brian Weiss, MD. Beth has also studied Shamanic Reiki, Healing and Ceremony, and now has a private practice in Delhi, NY. 

Phone: 607.746.3146


Breakthrough Expert

Offering: Astrology, Psychic Healings & Instant Breakthrough Sessions: 
1) Watch your priority personal & business pains dissolve in minutes. and your passion (vision) become clear. Finally you get manageable and mission-energizing action steps to begin doing today — for your quickest success. 2) Business Astrology, & Birthday Astrology (makes a great gift). 3) Astrology reading printouts: A) Where is Your True Love Waiting for You? B) Are You Compatible as Lovers? C) Personal Life Reading  D) Numerology

Bio: Swamiji's new book is The Stress-Free College Student. He is

a keynote speaker and has spoken at the White House Commission on Complementary & Alternative Medicine Policy; wrote the #1 Amazon bestseller, Ayurveda Encyclopedia. He is a facilitator, trainer, and offers workshops for business professionals and college students to de-stress, find purpose, and achieve their dreams. He is a monk, energy healer, and shaman. He has been teaching meditation and yoga for 4 decades, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Vastu/Feng Shui for 3 decades. Member of Toastmasters; Certified Hypnotist.

Swamiji's workshop will be based on his new book, The Hip Guru's Guide: The Stress-Free College Student

Website: The Hip Guru's Guide

               My Astrology Session

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Office:  Sessions on phone, skype & at Green Earth Oneonta  

Sessions:  Sat. & Sun., 10 am - 5 pm
Price: Special SHIFT Fair Session Discount

Astrology Relationship printouts $20 each; 2 for $35; all 3 for $50

Prebook your session below

Sarah Root, Maryland NY

Sessions: Friday 4-9 only (see also, Vendor Saturday)


Offering:  Radiance Healing Energy: Radiance uses a potent array of pure, high-vibration energies to clear, restore and uplift you ~ body, heart and soul. Specific needs can be addressed: it releases blockages in cellular memory, then replenishes and strengthens those areas, anchoring your entire energy field into a more expanded, higher level. Radiance Healing is like “Reiki X100” and draws intuitively on Karuna Reiki, Archangel energies and the Sai Maa shakti for lasting results.

Bio:  Sarah Root is a Transformative Energy Worker whose focus is bringing healing, clearing and awakening to people and the planet. Active in cutting edge energy work for 20 years, Sarah is the founder of many high-vibration “New Earth” Energy Attunements received from Spirit since 2010. She is a gifted channel of all kingdoms of life, and she integrates intuitive messages, healing energy, sacred ceremony and shamanic practices into her work to bring new awareness to your heart and shifts into your life.

More Info on the Web: 

Find Sarah on Linked In, Click here

To pre-book your session with Sarah at the Fair & assure a spot Prices:  $30/30 minutes

Contact: 607-353-9833  [email protected],

or just drop in!

Angela Deleski
Oneonta, NY
Sessions:  Friday, 4-9 pm only

Offering: Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a proven means of assisting the body to heal itself of spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical imbalances from a life that is stressful and not in resonance with the core needs of a person. Energy, light, information, and love are transmitted during a session and effects may be felt immediately or some time after the session. The higher self of the person will facilitate the healing and the practitioner is the conduit for the energy exchange. It is an awakening.

Bio:  I came to know Reconnective Healing through a good friend of mine when she generously offered to take me to a seminar.  It came to me at a time in my life when I needed it most, I was struggling with a major decision that would lead me to my life today.  I feel a strong calling to do this work and feel very fortunate that it was introduced to me.  I want everyone to experience the life they were meant to live. Balanced, whole, loving, and free. I grew up in the Oneonta area where I currently live and am one of the facilitators of the Mind Body Spirit Collective.  A group of healers, practitioners, and anyone else interested in networking which meets the 3rd Thursday of every month at the First United Methodist Church in Oneonta NY on Chestnut St. next to Huntington Library. 

To pre-book your private session with Angela
Contact her: 607-376-6557;  or email  [email protected]
or just drop in!
Prices:  $30 for 30 minutes and $ 20 for 15 minutes

Roseanne Script, Healing Touch Practitioner,

Author, Buffalo, NY

Offering: Healing Touch

Sessions:  Friday 4-9pm; Saturday 9-5pm

Healing touch (HT) is an energy therapy in which practitioners use their hands in a heart centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Healing touch works with the energy of the body to induce deep relaxation and to promote self-healing, the goal being to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system.

People of all ages with a variety of health concerns both acute and chronic have benefited from these safe, gentle non-invasive therapies.


Roseanne D'Erasmo Script is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, through Healing Touch International and Healing Touch Professional Association. She has practiced energy healing since 1998. Roseanne combines her expertise as educator( 30 years) and healer to create colorful informational texts about the human energy field and meditation. Her intention is that children and adults connect with their energy system through her writing and CD's.

More Info on the web:

To pre-book your private session with Roseanne

Contact716 536-6230; [email protected]  or just drop in!

Prices: 20-40-60 min sessions, $1.00 a minute

Roseanne is the author of two books for families or those new to meditation and chakras. They are I AM a Rainbow,(chakras) and

I AM Within (meditation). She also presents two professionally produced CD's that are compiled by herself and her son Matt, Chicago guitarist, providing lovely original acoustic guitar melodies for relaxation and a chakra meditation. She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Reiki Level 11 healer and will also provide requested Healing Touch or Reiki Treatments.

More info about her books:


Sharon Fisher


Release trapped Emotional Energy with the Emotion Code ,an effective combined process of Energy Psychology & Emotional Release to facilitate immediate change in your personal energy. Intuitively discovered using a pendulum,  the intelligence of the body determines the emotion to be released in order to promote natural healing. Combine this with Awareness Coaching to empower YOU to make changes to Consciously Co-Create Personal Peace from an inner place of Divine Self Love.

Bio:  Certified Emotion Code Practitioner & Awareness Life Coach, Sharon A. Fisher holds a B.S. in Human Development. She empowers People Pleasers to discover genuine Self Love to create Personal Peace in all areas of life with Emotion Code Sessions & coaching around relational, grief and Spiritual concerns.  Her poetry is also used as an Awareness tool for healing. 

Pre-book your session with Sharon to be assured a spot, or just drop in!

Contact: [email protected] 607-771-0495

Sessions: Saturday 9am- 5pm

See Also: Workshops

Nell Tomassen Reboh

Offering: New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation 

With compassionate, Divine guidance Nell creates a vortex with each client, in which all is one, and past, present and future merge. Hands-on activations to reconnect with source energy, allow transmutation of energy leaks and blockages. Typically you get to release limiting thought- & emotional patterns such as worry and pain. Experience unconditional Love, profound truth, peace and transformation.

Bio: Born and raised in the Netherlands, Europe, Nell discovered her intuitive gifts when she moved away to the Caribbean. Far from the familiar, she found it was possible to shoot new roots on the Island of Curaçao, which means *Heart*. From there it was natural to continue to travel to other dimensions, communicating a universal language —  as she found everything and everyone is all connected. She is certified as a New Paradigm MDT Basic Master Healer and Master Teacher. Her Ministry of Light is to help Mother Earth and all beings in their ascension process toward heart centered living and unity consciousness. Nell currently lives in New York's Upper Catskills with her husband, three sons and two Calico feline sisters.
Like Nell's page on Facebook! - E-l'xr - on facebook  



Sessions: Sat 9-5pm (Also see workshops)

To pre-book a personal session with Nell

Contact:  516-317-1108 and through her website:

Discounted Price: $35 for 30 minutes (usually $45) & $20 for 15

Darlene Abajian

Thai Foot Reflexology ~ Custom blended lotions imported from Thailand are applied with point pressure to the foot and lower leg, amazingly influencing better function throughout the entire body! This soothing session benefits the organs and circulation while releasing toxins and endorphins...bringing your body back into balance. Perfect for relaxation and stress relief ~*;-}

Bio;  Darlene holds an Advanced Practitioner Certification for Traditional Thai Bodywork (Nuad Boran) from the Lotus Palm School (Montreal, Quebec) where she studied with Kam Thye Chow and senior teachers. She holds Certification for Thai Foot Reflexology from the Thai Institute (Arlington, VA) studying with David Roylance. She also studied with Jonas Westring at Kripalu Institute (Lenox, MA) and is grateful to practice this unique healing art that comes from the spirit of metta (loving kindness) ~*


30 or 60 Minute Sessions:  Saturday, 9am-5pm

Prices: $30 / 30 min, $60/60 min. 

To preschedule foot reflexology with Darlene, 


607-783-2271 or email [email protected]

or just drop in!

Jenny Mannion

Oneonta, NY

Offering:  Reconnective Healing Sessions. This energetic healing can return your body to its natural healing state. It offers a deeply relaxing experience and many also receive significant physical and emotional healings.

Bio:  After healing herself of several chronic diseases Jenny found her love of helping others unlock their own self healing abilities. Jenny uses her tools of energetic healing, Akashic record reading/clearing and mind/body mentoring to help people connect to their soul and unlimited self. She has over 200 articles on her website: She offers sliding scale rates and has an office in Oneonta.

You can pre-book your session  [email protected] or call 607-437-7867 for an appt.

Like Jenny on Facebook

Sessions:  Saturday, 9am - 1pm only

Leslie Ann Parmeter

Offering:  Reconnective Healing is an energy modality that allows you to fully reconnect to the universe and all that you are, which in turn allows healing to take place. Healing is a return to balance. Every health challenge is a combination of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Reconnective Healing doesn’t specifically “treat” anything. It allows a return to balance which in turn, leads to healing.

Bio:  By morning Leslie Ann is a Radio Personality (WDOS) and by afternoon/night, a certified Reconnective Healing

Practitioner.  Leslie Ann studied under Dr. Eric Pearl who brought Reconnective Healing to the world back in 1993. Leslie Ann also is a Recovery Support Provider for those individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions through the Friends of Recovery of Otsego and Delaware Counties.  


Sessions: Saturday, 1 pm - 5pm only

Contact Leslie to pre-book for this fair : (607) 431-9021

or just drop in!

Prices:  $35 for a half hour session; $20/15 min. session

Francie Goff

Offering: Emotion Code Emotional Release. Because trapped emotions are composed of energy, just like our bodies, releasing them can make conditions right for healing to occur. Using muscle testing, I will identify trapped emotions that may be contributing to your life and health difficulties, and release them with a simple and gentle process using magnets.

Bio: Francie Goff, RN is a Holistic Health Consultant/Educator certified in and providing a wide range of Holistic Health Services to empower clients, raising their awareness of their own ability to take charge of their health proactively.  Some of the services she provides include:  Emotion Code and Body Code, Usui and Karuna Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Integrative Guided Imagery, Labyrinth Facilitator, Aroma Therapy, CARE Certified Raindrop Sessions.  Francie combines these modalities, allowing each session to be uniquely tailored to meet each client's needs individually.

Office:  Vestal, NY


Sessions: Sharing a Healing Table with Diana Kenyon 

Friday, 4-9; Saturday 9am - 5pm

(Also see Workshops Sat 9am-2pm)

To pre-book your session with Francie at the Fair

Contact: [email protected]; 607 785 1647

or just drop in!

Diana Kenyon, Regression Therapist
Binghamton, NY

Offering: Emotion Code Emotional Release. Because trapped emotions are composed of energy, just like our bodies, releasing them can make conditions right for healing to occur. Using muscle testing, I will identify trapped emotions that may be contributing to your life and health difficulties, and release them with a simple and gentle process using magnets.

Bio: Diana first was certified in hypnosis in 1993 from The International Association of Counselors and Therapist. She is trained in Past Life Regression with Robert Bridges, noted intuitive counselor. Diana then trained with and was certified by world renowned leading expert Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

The Body Lab Wellness Center
4137 Gregory Road, Binghamton, NY

Sessions: Sharing a Healing Table with Francie Goff

Friday, 4-9; Saturday 9am - 5pm

(Also see Workshops Sat 9am-2pm)

To pre-book your session with Diana at the Fair

Contact[email protected];  607-724-6973
Debbie Bush, Reiki Master Teacher
Owego, NY

Offering: Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and/or Eden Energy Medicine Quick Balancing sessions, promoting healing of body, mind, & spirit through this gentle loving energy.


I have been involved with energy and healing work for many years and love learning new techniques to share. It's exciting to see people learn how to heal.  All sessions will last about 20 minutes.

To pre-book your appointment with Debbie. . .

Contact: [email protected] or 607-754-2988
or just drop in!

Address: Sacred Mountain Wholeness
410 Ford Rd, Owego, NY 13827

Sessions: Friday, 4:00 - 9:00 pm ONLY

Shauna McCahill

Cayuga, NY

Offering;  Reiki Energy Healings, with Intuition & Clairsentience - insight and healing that works in conjunction with your own inate ability to heal yourself. Through my energy healing work I will guide you along the path towards wholeness and optimal health.

Bio:    Shauna is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui lineage as well as an intuitive counselor.  Shauna had a vision of Jesus in the sky when she was 3 so always felt earmarked for a spiritual path - through that experience, she was imbued with a gift, as well as a responsibility to help as many people as she can. She received her Reiki certifications (attunements) in 2003 in Phoenix. AZ.  She has been doing energy work, passing on attunements, and offering intuitive counseling for over a decade now. Additionally Shauna is a published author of several works of fiction, non fiction, and poetry. Most recently, Into the Labyrinth, which is a series of short stories and memoirs.

Like Shauna on Facebook!

Contact:  Pre-book your personal app't with Shauna- 315-702-8022

or e-mail [email protected] (or just drop in)

Office:  Into the Labyrinth with Shauna McCahill

             Cayuga, NY

Tim Keys

& Suzanne Summers

Offering: 4 handed Reiki Treatments on the warm, soothing,infrared Amethyst BioMat. Chakra Balancing by Suzanne is included in each session. This treatment is especially effective in reducing stress as well as aches and pains. Tim and Suzanne use crystals and copper rings to enhance the Reiki energy.

Bio:  Suzanne Summers is a Reiki Master Teacher and R.N. home care nurse.  She teaches Reiki classes locally and offers private Reiki sessions by appointment.

Contact Suzanne: [email protected] 607-293-6671 

Tim Keys: is a Reiki Master Teacher , LMT, dowser and intuitive crystal healer Tim specializes in helping clients release stress and pain... To make an appointment for a private session,

Contact:  Tim by email tk.bridgeofligh[email protected] or

Call 607-437-1587.

Lara Frankl, Licensed Massage Therapist

Oneonta, NY

Saturday 9-5 pm , Table #26 in Imperial & Monarch Rooms

Offering:  Chair massage, general massage information, aromatherapy, Body work/Reflexology/Polarity

Bio:   Lara has been a NYS Licensed massage therapist for eight years, and is currently the massage therapist at the Healthlinks Gym at Foxcare in Oneonta. 

To pre-book your 15 minute chair massage at the Fair with Lara 

Contact Lara[email protected], or call 607-229-7044

or just drop in!


Malgosia E. Krasuska PhD

Imperial & Monarch Rooms, Table 23
Sacred Space for Soul Mind Body Healing


Dr. Malgosia is a Certified Soul Healer & Teacher, Founder of Divine Temple - Soul Healing & Teaching Center, Endicott, NY.  She teaches Power of Soul, and offers Soul Healing and Blessings for health and transformation of relationships, finances, and all aspects of life; Soul Communication, Soul Guidance & Spiritual Mentorship. She works with individuals, groups; in person, over the phone, or remotely and offers workshops, and guest lectures for churches and spiritual groups.


Dr. Malgosia Krasuska  is a Spiritual Scientist and a Soul Healer & Teacher with 24 years of professional experience focused on healing of the Soul, Mind and Body.  She created and taught a ‘Spirituality & Healing’ course at SUNY. She is an advanced student of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, one the most powerful healers currently present on Mother Earth and is a devoted servant of Mother Divine: "My life mission is to heal, teach and empower humanity how to heal themselves."

 On the Web at:

Find Divine Temple on Facebook!

For a consultation with Dr. Malgosia at Fair
Contact: (607) 372-5252  or [email protected]
or just drop in!
$ 20 for 15 minutes - includes a FREE book
$ 40 for 30 minutes
- includes a FREE book
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Jenny Van Der Meulen
Saratoga Springs, NY
Offering:  Healing Touch Sessions, Friday 4-9 pm only

Jenny has been a student of the Healing Touch Program for a year and a half completing levels 1-3 of 5. All levels completed under Sister Rita Jean Dubrey, Director of the Center for Complimentary Therapies at St. Marys Hospital in Amsterdam NY. Healing touch is an energy medicine working with a persons energy field (or aura) and their energy pools (or chakras) to help support the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being, making your body as a whole be more able to heal.
Bio:  I have always been a very loving, sensitive person and always knew that somehow I wanted to work with and help others. Before knowing Healing Touch I always felt as that I had no clue what I wanted to do, or what to be. Nothing was out there for for me, nothing fit, nothing clicked. I was first introduced to HT by a friend who had already completed levels 1 and 2. It didn't take much to realize I had finally found my passion. And all I had to do was be myself. It is effortless. Nothing ever felt so right.
Healing touch for me is simply love. Concentrated loving, healing energy that is meant for the highest good of who it is intended.
To pre-book a personal appointment with Jenny at the fair
Contact[email protected]; 518-605-9184
or just drop in!
Prices:  By Donation

Carol Van Norman


Offering:  Certified Evidential and Spiritual Medium and Psychic Tarot Reader.  I also sell hand made jewelry along with all natural homemade personal products such as hand and foot creams, fragrant bath salts, soaps, lip balm and perfumes.

Bio: Reader for 7 years. I realized at an early age that I was  different from others, in respect to being able to communicate with or sensing spirit. It wasn’t until many years later and after a couple of near death experiences, that these “gifts” intensified and I felt the need to find an outlet for these abilities.


Email: [email protected]  

Phone: 570-223-3425

Leiah Bowden

Lightspeak Transformational Arts

Schenectady, NY

See Slide Show of some of her work above

Offering:  During a Chakra Portrait session, Leiah opens her joyous mirroring self to your multidimensional being, funnels your own powerful, radiant soul strengths and wisdom into your open chakra, also transmitting your soul’s information through words, song and chant and directs healing energy and love to energetic or emotional imbalances. The process often feels healing and uplifting. You get archival artwork and a a new appreciation for your true magnificence. Sessions = $30 Meditation cds = $5 Sessions = $20

Bio:   Since 1980, Leiah Bowden has worked with divine and galactic co-workers, mirroring people's authentic radiance. She creates Energy Portraits in person or long-distance of beings in any dimension, teaches classes in how to do this, and is an animal communicator. “Leiah is a true visionary, in every sense of the word... “ Jan Phillips, “Marry Your Muse,” “No Ordinary Time” "I am so thrilled with the portrait! FINALLY someone sees me!" - Stacy Wall, Reiki Master 

To pre-book your personal appointment with Leiah at the Fair

Contact:  [email protected]

Facebook: Facebook!

LinkedIn: Linked In

Kaysea Canfield

The Waterford Medium



Offering: Mediumship —Connect with loved ones you've lost — through me.

Bio: I have seen spirit since a young child. Professionally I have been a medium for over twenty years. I am interested in healing the unfinished business between you and spirit. If you feel you need to connect with a loved one that has passed, come and see me. Bring your questions and the thoughts of your loved one. I also am available for parties and group readings. 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 518-300-0722

Kathy Brown, 

Syracuse, New York

Offering:  Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Tarot Card Readings (Friday only)

Kathy is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive, and Sensitive which means that her spirit guides communicate messages or visions to her so that she is able to pass those messages to the person she is reading. Kathy is also able to communicate with your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side and bring you messages that they have for you. Kathy also uses tarot cards as a tool to receive messages from her spirit guides. Kathy honors and respects her practice with love and compassion to those who seek her help!

Bio:  My name is Kathy Brown and I am a Syracuse, NY native. I am happily married, and I have an amazing son. I am also an Ordained Minister and an LPN. I have practiced over the past couple of years at Beyond Natural Health Center in Syracuse, NY.  My mother always said I reminded her of Florence Nightingale and she believed Florence was a Saint... Well, my mother knows I was not a Saint! Much love to all! xoxoxox

Kathy is available for private readings, telephone readings and private parties and you will find her at many psychic fairs throughout NY.

"Kathy was very insightful and helped me a great deal with some struggles in my life. I loved her truthfulness and straight forward reading. She has inspired me to make positive changes in my life. Thank you Kathy, with all my heart."

Find Kathy Brown on facebook

To reserve your spot with Kathy

Contact:  [email protected]   or Call 315-575-7089

 or just drop in!

Sessions:  Friday 4pm-9pm only

Diana Friedell

Offering: Psychic Readings, Mediumship:

Diana tunes into guidance for you regarding relationship, career, family, health or other issues of importance to you. Diana connects with your guides, or angels, and/or loved ones in spirit for the purpose of emotional healing or bringing unfinished business to a close.

Bio: Diana Friedell, Metaphysician, Minister, actress, and director, received her advanced training in the Spiritualist tradition from Lily Dale, NY.  She has been doing readings for ten years. Diana is a 2004 graduate of the School for Healing and Prophecy through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale. Diana was called to this work as a result of her search for spiritual meaning after her youngest son passed away tragically in 1994.  Diana is available for private appointments, energy healing, meditation classes, parties, phone readings and intuitive development classes.

Office: 78 Chestnut St., Oneonta, NY; Call to pre-book and assure your spot for this fair: 607-433-2089

Find Diana on Facebook!
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Full Profile on Linked In

Sessions: Fri 4-9pm & Sat. 9am-5pm (See also Workshops Sat 2-5pm)
Prices:  $40 for 30 minutes, includes a C.D. recording of your session

Barbara Bennett

Psychic Reader, Medium, Tarot Reader

Offering: She

conducts her readings with an open and sincere heart sharing her intuitive talents, insight and compassion with you. Her readings offer guidance, inspiration, life path challanges, relationships, family, work, finances, past present, future, messages from loved ones .

Bio: A clairvoyant since birth, Barbara's fascination with psychic rreadings began in early childhood. She enjoyed watching her maternal grandmother perform intuitive readings from an ordinary deck of cards. Several years latter she was graced with her first deck of cards which opened the door to her own spiritual development.


Gina Gausman

Offering: Spiritual healing that integrates several modalities for total wellness- including the use of oracle cards, essential oils, crytals, Reiki, color therapy, and angelic healing.

Bio: Medical assistant with 25 years of experience in traditional medicine. Reiki master. 

Facebook: to pre-schedule appointments. 

Phil Hosley

Vedic Astrology

Adam Bernstein

Woodstock, NY
Sessions:  Friday, 4:00-9:00 pm AND Saturday 9 am - 6 pm

Offering:  Psychic Readings, Mediumship readings:

Intuitive guidance for spiritually-minded individuals. Receive messages from Spirit Guides and deceased loved ones and benefit from the divine wisdom they have to offer. Receive practical solutions from Spirit for real life problems and learn how you can use your Spirits' guidance to master the art of living. Receive life affirming messages from your loved ones who have crossed over and Spirit. Straight psychic or a combination of psychic and mediumship readings are available as well.

Bio:  Adam Bernstein is a Medium and Clairvoyant with an international following and has been practicing for over 20 years. He's received advanced training in Mediumship/Channeling in Lily Dale, NY and with international Author/Medium Sharon Anne Klingler. Adam is the co-founder and charter member of the International Medium's League and has been featured on Court TV's Psychic Detectives and in the book Psychic New York which profiles 60 of New York's best and most famous psychics. 

On the

To pre-book your session with Adam at the Fair & assure a spot call:

Office:  Woodstock, NY 845-687-3693 or just drop in!

Prices:  $35 for 15 min
             $55 for 30 min
             $100 for 1 hr

Liz Keller, Psychic, and Owner, Glen Wild Animal Rescue

Sessions:  Friday 4-9pm; Saturday 9-5pm

Offering: Psychic Readings in order to help people connect with departed loved ones. Liz also provides readings for people that want to connect with their pets, either living or deceased.  Please  bring photo of  your departed loved one, or pet. 

Bio:  Liz Keller has been developing her intuitive skills over the years and has provided many people with heartfelt information that has brought them peace and love. Liz has been a constant at the Spiritual Arts Fair, since 2008, as an animal communicator . Liz has given many psychic readings over the years and looks forward to working with you. For more info on Liz visit


Office:  Glen Wild Animal Rescue, Cherry Valley, NY

 to pre-book your session at the fair with Liz

Contact: 917-553-0591; [email protected]

or just drop in!

Visit Glen Wild Animal Rescue on Facebook

Rebecca Pfeffer, Spiritual Medium & Energy Intuitive
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Offering: Mediumship - connecting with loved ones in Spirit, Intuitive Readings & Chakra Scans.

Bio: I am fortunate to have lived & practiced in Sedona, AZ., Asheville, NC., & Virginia Beach, VA.; it is my own journey of healing that has strengthened my connection to Spirit & brought clarity to who I am & what I am here to do. I feel following my own path has given me the ability to be a clear channel for others.

Office:  Virginia Beach, Virginia
Pre-Book your app't with Becky: 757-995-6842
Sessions: Fri 4-9pm & Sat 9am - 5pm
Prices: 15 minutes for $30 &  30 minutes for $55 (including tape for 30 minute reading.)

Leslie Ford:

Offering:  Rune Readings

Sessions : Saturday 9am to 5pm

Each of us has wyrd,our own unique life pattern which is based on events of the past, combined with the present life situation. Leslie casts runes, with crystal over top, to help the client discover their own wyrd, or self. As only the past and present are fixed, the client is given insight allowing them to stay on their current path or consider making changes.
    Runes were brought to me in this lifetime by the divine intervention of Odin. The sowilo rune (which means sun) was brought to me during meditation for three consecutive days, each day the rune being more persistant than the last. After meditation the 3rd day I flipped on the radio and heard three songs in a row with "sun" in the title - I decided to start paying attention! I have since learned that Odin is a part of me and I am a part of Him. The runes are more than an alphabet rooted in Northern Mythology. Runes are used for divination and magic and daily meditation on a rune is an exciting adventure into the layers upon layers that make up our self!

Contact[email protected]  607-316-1724 to pre-book your app't or just drop in!

Sessions:  Saturday, 9am-5pm

Corbie Mitleid: Certified Professional Tarot Reader, Certified Psychic, trained medium and ordained minister.  

Offering:  Private tarot, or Psychic Mediumship Readings
Her work is showcased in Robert Schwartz’s breakthrough series, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT.  With 40 years’ experience, Corbie’s abilities include Tarot, spiritual road/karma readings, intuitive counseling, past life retrieval and analysis, mediumship, and spirit guide conferences.

Bio:  Corbie has investigated alternative ways of teaching, counseling and healing since 1973. Corbie speaks and counsels both on her radio show EMPOWER READINGS on Empower Radio; at holistic expos, seminars and workshops throughout the US and Canada; and in one-on-one sessions with clients worldwide.

Contact: 877-321-CORBIE — Pre-book and assure your spot
Prices:  $45 (15 min) and $75 (30 min) with CD recording of the session included in the price for you to take home

         for spiritual resources, articles, events calendars and more.

Sessions:  Friday, 4-9 pm and Saturday, 9am - 5pm

Adirondack Autumn

Offering:  Angel Card Readings, Psychic Intuitive Insights

I offer 12 years of professional service in the Metaphysical realm- Readings may cover true and lasting love, strengthening family bonds, reaching career goals, and assistance with personal finance.


Bio:  Adirondack Autumn (Denise Beyer) is a Natural-born Psychic,

 Clairvoyant, Empath, Spiritual Advisor, as well as, a Health Intuitive. Her primary goal  Is finding your true inner being and ultimate happiness.  I offer 12 years of professional service

in the Metaphysical realm.

Autumn also offers the Ion Foot Detox Session, while you are getting your reading!   An ionic foot detox machine is a modern energy therapy device which balances the body's natural energy system. By introducing a high level of negative ions into the water of a foot bath,


Office:  Gloversville, NY

Contact:  518-209-6486; call her to pre-book to assure your spot, or just drop in

Sessions: Fri 4-9pm, Sat. 9am-5pm

Rita Sparkes

Hazelton, Pennsylvania

Offering:  Psychic Readings, Tarot Card Readings

Rita works with Tarot Cards, crystals and elder futhark runes. She is a very intuitive reader with skills to help you identify any situations in your life that require clarity to help you address issues coming up to help you move forward in life using the inner guidance and knowledge of your higher self.

Rita's goal is to help you see the big picture on confusing issues and will discuss how to build your strengths. She empowers people by offering them healing thru psychic guidance so that they can make better decisions for themselves and start leading happier lives.

Bio:  A Psychic Reader since 1983, Rita has been featured on TV, Newspapers, & Radio, having had her own live show on a local radio station. To reserve your spot with Rita at the fair 

Contact[email protected] or Call 570-455-3384 -

Or Just Drop in!

Website under development

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Sessions:  Entire Fair- Friday 4-9 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am - 5 pm

Cindy Staffin

Offering: Psychic Medium Readings

Bio: Cindy's psychic readings are focused on helping people overcome obstacles and make the choices that benefit them the most.  Topics that are addressed are health, family, finances, relationships, careers and spirituality.  Her abilities as a medium are helpful to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, as well as those who are curious about the afterlife. 

Office: 4 Dietz St, Oneonta NY


Sessions: Friday, 4-9pm; Contact Cindy to prebook a reading. 607-241-6437/433-3600  [email protected]
or just drop in!
Prices:  $40/30 min

Joanna Lipton-

East Syracuse, NY

Offering: Psychic Readings, Oracle Card Readings, past-life readings, mediumship, dream interpretation; as well as psychic, crystal, Quantum & Reiki healing. I believe in treating the individual as a whole person, as  spirit, mind and body are integrated. I believe in working with a non ego status. Spirit, Angels, Guides are the messengers, and I am the communicator as well as my own gifts of clairvoyance, Clair audience, remoteviewing, etc.

Also offering her original artwork and crystals for sale.


Joanna is a certified pastlife therapist, and angel therapist through Doreen Virtue.  She studied mediumship & psychic development through Reverend Denise Knot, and is a 10 yr. member of Universal Light Spiritual church.  She has 10 years of experience as a dedicated lightworker at fairs, stores, parties, phone readings, her home office, and all over the Northeast. 

 To Pre-book with Joanna for this fair and assure a spot          

 Contact:  315-450-0423

"Joanna and I connected on a very deep level immediately. She picked up on so many details of my life, communicating with my guides about various aspects, including which vitamins I should start taking. She related information about my past, present and future, including past life details. Talking with Joanna is very comforting and inspiring." MR, Oneonta

Contact: [email protected]  315-450-0423; call to pre-book & assure your private app't at fair with Joanna, or just drop in!

Sessions: Fri 4-9pm & Sat 9am - 5pm

Lillian Browne

Walton, NY

Imperial & Monarch Rms- Table #12

Offering:  Psychic readings, Tarot, Numerology

There is no topic that is off-limits in a reading with Lillian! Lillian provides intuitive guidance by using a variety of tools including cards, crystals, dowsing rods, a pendulum and a crystal ball on topics ranging from love, career, health, missing persons, past lives or messages from those in spirit. Take a glimpse at future possibilites and learn how to tap into your own psychic ability!

Bio:  Lillian offers psychic readings through her connection with universal energy as well as intuitive path guidance in a positive, joyful and uplifting manner. Lillian is a published author. Her story "The Witch of Delaware County" has been published in the Delaware County Times. Lillian volunteers her time to a local ghost hunting team and is featured in June 2013's issue of Green Door Magazine.

To pre-book your private session with Lillian at the fair: 

Contact: 607 435 9031  [email protected] or just drop in!


Office:  Avalon Moon, Delhi, NY

Sessions:  Fri. 4-9 pm; Sat. 9am-5pm

Spiritual Lightworks Psychic Team of New York State

Brooklyn, New York

Offering:  Tarot Readings, Angel Card Readings

Lady Morgana of Avallone and Nessa give extremely accurate tarot and angel card readings.

We are the Spiritual Lightworks Psychic Team of New York State. Lady Morgana of Avallone and Nessa have been doing readings for at least 15 years. We are in constant contact with spirit so our readings and resulting spiritual guidance has been extremely accurate.

To pre-book your reading with Spiritual Lightworks,

Contact: Nessa:  347-807-7774 or [email protected]

Lady Morgana: 357-525-8058 or e-mail [email protected] Nessa or just drop in!

Prices:  10 minutes,  3 questions,  $10
30 minutes @ $40

Vicki Whitney

Binghamton, NY

Offering:  Psychic Mediumship, Tarot Card Readings

Vicki has had a gift of communicating with those that have crossed over since she was a little girl. Although she knew she was different, she did not know what a special gift she has.

Bio:  Vicki hears, sees, feels or smells. Whatever mode of communicating that Spirit wishes to use.  Vicki has experience in comforting people before they cross over.  Vicki has gone through many changes in her life before she recognized what God has called her to do. Her Spiritual journey has been long but the rewards are great.  Vicki is also a healer specializing in Reiki. Vicki does absentee healings as well as hands on and will pray for those that request prayer.  Vicki's readings are honest and given as the highest and the best. You will only hear the truth.

More Info:;

To reserve your spot with Vicki

Contact  607-760-7221 or just drop in!

Sessions:  Saturday 9-5 only