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Energy Healers

Jackie Madden
Reiki Master Teacher

Offering:   Reiki Master Teacher/Infinite Possibilities Trainer Offering: I will be offering Usui Reiki sessions. Reiki helps energy flow freely which promotes relaxation, health, wellness and balance. Reiki may be performed on a massage table or in a chair. Contact me to pre-book your session at the fair. Special Fair Rates: 15 Minutes - $15.00 or 30 Minutes - $30.00 (includes a 20% discount on the next scheduled appointment). And don’t miss my free talk "Time To Thrive".

Bio:  I am a Reiki Master/Teacher & Infinite Possibilities Trainer. I offer sessions/classes to adults, children & animals. Gift certificates avail. Changing your thoughts, beliefs, actions help you live the life you want. I offer talks & workshops to groups and individuals to help you to help yourself.
Pre-book with Jackie to assure your spot, or just drop in!
Contact: (607) 437-8276; email:[email protected];
Web:  www.camelior.com
Office:  64 Chestnut St, (Upstairs Parsonage), Oneonta, NY 13820

Meetup:  https://www.meetup.com/Jackie-Madden-Reiki
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/JackieMaddenCamelior
Beth Purdy
Transformational Healing Master Practitioner
(Saturday Only)

Offering:  Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) uses a Divine Angelic Violet Energy Ray to work directly on your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA. IET supports you in safely and gently releasing dense and limiting energy patterns from your physical, emotional, mental and karmic bodies, empowering and balancing your life and helping you to move into your true life-purpose. Beth combines IET, Reiki, Diamond Light, and Alchemical Energy healing into each of her healing sessions, providing a powerful healing experience.

Bio: Beth is an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master-Instructor, Reiki Master, Diamond Light Practitioner, Alchemy Practitioner and Shamanic Healer/Teacher. Beth is also certified in Hypnosis and Past Life Regression and has been practicing the Healing Arts, since the mid 1980’s. Beth has a private practice in Delhi, NY and is dedicated to the Ascension of the Earth and all Beings. Fair Prices: 15 min./$15.00 or 30 min./$30. Pre-book to assure your space: [email protected] or 607-746-3146
Pre-book  (746-3146) with Beth to assure your spot or just drop in!
Beth is also teaching a workshop- Click here for info!
Phone: 607.746.3146
Cindy Staffin
Psychic Medium Readings
Oneonta, NY

Cindy's readings offer a spiritual perspective on your life. She connects to the divine energies to receive information specific to your questions and concerns. As a medium, Cindy can contact your loved ones and share their messages and memories. You may bring pictures or small objects that belonged to those you wish to contact. $50/30 minutes
Bio:  Cindy has been aware of her psychic ability since childhood and had her first interaction with a woman in spirit when she was 9 years old. She experienced a shift in her life in 1997 that accelerated her development as psychic medium and healer. Cindy has an office in Oneonta where she sees clients and teaches classes.

Pre-Book with Cindy to guarantee your spot or just drop in!
607-349-7940 call/text
Web:  www.essentialawakenings.com
and on Linked In 
Special Fair Price:  $50/30 minutes

Diane M Foster

Master Energy Worker


Intuitive Energy Healing sessions combining multiple modalities.



Diane has developed a Signature Energy Session that is unique to every client. By utilizing all energy modalities she has studied, she is able to intuitively feel and remove energy blocks within a client’s energy field, feel and realign energy flows that are out of alignment as well as to see their energy pattern (SoulDNA). She connects with guides, angels, animals, past lives and more.



Diane is a Master Energy Worker and has received her Master Practitioner certification in both Usui and Karuna Reiki and has also obtained her certification as an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor. She has studied Jin Shin Jyutsu and will be receiving her practitioner certification in Metatronic Healing in 2017.


Pre-Book with Diane to guarantee your spot or just drop in!

Special Fair Price: $45/30 minutes, $25/15 minutes


Web: www.dianefoster.world

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Diane M Foster – Master Energy Worker


Find Diane on Facebook!

Twilight Memories

Marie Inglee

Norwich, New York


Have a reading that combines tarot, messages from the spirit world, and hand analysis for a unique experience in self empowerment. You will leave the reading with the tools and knowledge of what your talents, gifts and opportunities are for a brighter future and happier life!

Bio: Marie is a certified hand analyst through the International Institute of Hand Analysis, is trained in astrology, tarot and mediumship and teaches classes on Divination as well as Hand Analysis both online and in person.Marie seeks to empower each person to find their gifts and strengths to chart their best course forward in life. Her site is www.twilightmemories.com, email [email protected] and phone is 607-316-7563. 20% discount for pre-booking!

Website: www.twilightmemories.com

Phone: 607-316-7563

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Twilight-Memories/22843321545

Kaysea Canfield
The Waterford Medium

Offering:  Psychic Mediumship Readings

 I am Kaysea Canfield, the Waterford Medium. I have been practicing for 15 years as a psychic medium in upstate NY. I enjoy creating special moments between you and your loved ones that have passed over. Be prepared to accept messages from your Angel guides.
~ Life follows us
Bio:   I have worked at two different metaphysical centers in the capital district. I have also done many events all around NY state. As of now I work independently traveling as a psychic medium doing private reading and parties in upstate NY.
Find me on Facebook as The Waterford Medium.
Pre Book your app't with Kaysea or just drop in:
Contact:  [email protected].
By Phone: 
Betty Jane Ware
Psychic-Medium-Tarot Master
Ontario, Canada

Betty Jane is a third generation seer and highly intuitive reader. An international medium, she has many well known personalities as clients. She is straight forward and right to the point. Should you book a reading with her, you will feel an immediate connection. She records her reading to send off to you in an email. Betty Jane only reads for adults 18+
Web: www.bettyjaneware.com
Pre-Book with Betty Jane: 416 749 0996
E-mail:  [email protected]


Ruth Ware

Etobicoke, Ontario Canada

Offering:  Tarot Card Readings

Naomi has lived with, studied and practiced tarot for many decades.  Her approach to readings is down-to-earth and pragmatic.  Accurate and focused, she offers answers to clients’ questions and  looks at ways they can move forward.

Contact:  416-749-0996

Suzanne Petrizzi

Psychic Medium

Campbell Hall, NY

I have been giving readings and teaching cartomancy for almost 30 years.  My readings are quite accurate, I can tell you if he will marry you or even where you can find that lost earring! I can connect with your deceased loved ones and yes even pets!

Bio:  I am a Psychic Medium gifted since birth. Along with giving sprititual readings, I teach cartomancy, I'm a certified Reiki Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Minister and Author.

More about Suzanne: 


Pre-book with Suzanne to guarantee your spot, or just drop in!

Email:   [email protected]

Celebration of Life
Judy Jarvis
Pine Hill, NY

   Psychic and Animal Totem Drawings

Judy's drawings are very similar to a Tarot Card Reading, in that it is the lessons a person needs to be learning at the time. It will allow you to find the strength and the wisdom within yourself that was always there to be able to take care of what needs to be taken care of, and to grow and evolve spiritually. Judy receives symbols, shapes and colors, and a story which comes out in the drawing.
Bio:  Judy has been a mystic all her life. She became aware of her gift in 1987 and has been doing drawings ever since. Judy traveled on the Pow-wow Trail, attending Native American Gatherings all over the country, with her husband for the past 24 years. She makes the traditional crafts as she was taught in the Passamaquoddy tradition, which was her husband's tribe. Her husband passed away in 2004 and she continues to feel his presence and influence with her in her work.
To pre-book with Judy Call: 845-663-7894
or just drop in!
Judy will be in the  Readers/Healers Room both days


Rev. Dr. Janice Dreshman,

Lily Dale Registered Psychic Medium

Private Readings on Saturday Only

Offering:  Confidential Mediumship Readings

Janice has read for people all over the world, often via telephone, from California to Maine, from Guam to Canada to the United Arab Emirates, from Georgia, Texas and Illinois, to New York City, Taos and Japan. Her clients come from all walks of life, different races and socioeconomic groups, with wide-ranging spiritual beliefs and religions (or none) and quite varied perspectives on the "afterlife" and the world of Spirit. What brings them to Janice is a desire for contact or guidance, and a belief that Janice, a gifted medium, can be a good intermediary, a clear bridge between our concrete, physical world and the other side.

As our Keynote Speaker Janice will offer a free workshop on Saturday at 1:00pm as a preview of her Saturday evening Event for the public, also at the Holiday Inn, "Messages from Loved Ones: Where Heaven and Earth Meet"

On Friday night at the Holiday Inn, before the fair Janice will be teaching an "Animal Communication Class".  A wonderful opportunity to strengthen your ability to connect with your own pets, and Janice will deliver messages from your pets, past or present.

Janice Dreshman’s path to mediumship has been rich and diverse. As a child, she was able to see and hear Spirit. Her life long involvement in adherence to both Celtic and Native American, traditions, her deep connection to her lineage dating to the 1100’s and her spiritual pilgrimages abroad to England, Scotland and Ireland all enhanced the spiritual grounding for her work. Rev. Dr. Janice L. Dreshman is a registered medium at Lily Dale. She has worked with people around the world. Janice has worked with children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and the military for over thirty years. She has focused on coping with trauma, crisis, grief, risk prevention and psycho – spiritual transformation. Janice was recognized for her work both nationally and internationally and has several published related articles. She’s also the co-author of the books “Caring in Times of Crisis” and “Can you ask my Dad what it’s like in Heaven”. Janice holds a Masters in social work and a doctorate in educational leadership.

Email:  [email protected]

Web:  http://www.spiritmessagework.com/

 Find Janice on Facebook!

“I had two of the most amazing readings this summer from Dr. Janice Dreshman. To say they were transformative would be underplaying them. The information she brought through for me meant more to me than she will ever know. It was specific and very personal - the contact from the other side was deep and meaningful. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Dr. Janice!” – G. R.  8-24-16


Phil Hosley

Vedic Astrologer

Oneonta, NY

Offering: Astrology Chart Readings

Vedic astrology is about 100,000 years old and the oldest branch of astrology known.  This science has been mentioned in the Vedas and carried down through generations. Vedic Astrology uses a unique system of dasas and sub divisional charts that differ from Western Astrology. Past, Present future explained.  

In order for Phil to read your chart accurately, he needs your correct date, place and time of birth.  So please bring to your appointment.

Pre-Book with Phil at the fair to assure your spot:

Call 607 287 4941 (don't forget to bring your date & time of birth!) or just drop in!

Find Phil on Facebook

Linked In: 

Website: nyastrologer.com

Bio: Phil Hosley is 69 years old, father of three daughters, devotee of Maharashi Mahesh Yogi, 43 years meditating one hour per day, involved in study of Hindu spirituality, Vedic Astrology and all of the Vedas since 1973; He is a former  Justice, Town of Oneonta.

Diana Friedell

Oneonta, NY

Psychic Readings, Mediumship:

Diana tunes into guidance for you regarding relationship, career, family, health or other issues of importance to you. Diana connects with your guides, or angels, and/or loved ones in spirit for the purpose of emotional healing or bringing unfinished business to a close.

Bio: Diana Friedell, Metaphysician, Minister, actress, and director, received her advanced training in the Spiritualist tradition from Lily Dale, NY.  She has been doing readings for ten years. Diana is a 2004 graduate of the School for Healing and Prophecy through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale. Diana was called to this work as a result of her search for spiritual meaning after her youngest son passed away tragically in 1994.  Diana is available for private appointments, energy healing, meditation classes, parties, phone readings and intuitive development classes.
“I am left speechless and so uplifted after reading with Diana.  I feel stronger, better and more connected to myself.”  A.D., Oneonta, NY 

Office: 41-45 Dietz St, The Lotus Center
Institute for Spiritual Development,
Oneonta, NY;
Call to pre-book and assure your spot for this fair: 607-433-2089

Web:  www.tuningin-tuningup.com
Find Diana on Facebook!
Full Profile on Linked In

Sessions: Sat. 10:30 - 4:30 & Sun. 10:30-3:00 pm
 (See also Workshops Sunday 3pm & Sunday 4pm)
Prices:  $40 for 20 minutes, includes a C.D. recording of your session

Vicki Snyder-Young

Vicki is a Certified, Double Tested Shay Parker Best American Psychic. She will be offering psychic, medium or angel tarot readings. Vicki is an accurate pet communicator and relationship coach. She will also be offering couples readings, learn about past lives together, why you came together & how to make it better. She can connect to loved ones on the other side & bring evidential messages back for healing & answer questions on your life path, soul purpose, love, money, work or career.

Vicki is a Professional Psychic Medium, Healer, Coach and Teacher. She has studied under Doreen and Charles Virtue and is a Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Assertiveness Coach and Certified Archangel Coach. Vicki also is a Reiki Master Teacher and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor. Her work with clients is about healing, whether it be message work or hands on healing. You can learn more at www.vickisnyder.com.
Find Vicki on Facebook!
To pre-book your appointment email [email protected].

Rev. Sue Landon

Washington D.C., Oneonta, NY

Sunday Only

Offering:  Psychometry and/or Tarot Readings

Rev. Landon is the former Pastor and Director of the Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington, D.C. and is currently the Pastor of the Institute's branch in Oneonta. She trained with Rev. James De Biasio, Bryan Christopher, and Tantra Maat in her psychic skills, and has been teaching and practicing for more than 30 years. She is noted for her direct approach, her humor, and her magical skills on the flugelhorn. "The most astounding reading I ever had," John G. [email protected]

Leiah Bowden,
Intuitive Artist/Soul-Path Facilitator
(Main Vending Room)
See Slide Show of her Work Above!

Lightspeak Chakra Portraits (see some of her work in the slide show above) by Leah are audio/visual soul readings, depicting and activating the multi-dimensional, radiant beings we are beyond our outer self. Leiah sees, feels, and hears the memories, hopes and dreams, and molecular patterning of your multidimensional energy flow. As she creates the visual portrait, she speaks and sings the messages, chants, and songs she receives from your multidimensional being, angels, and guides.

Bio:  Leiah Bowden’s mission is to help people experience their own authentic radiance and innate power so they can live with joy, generosity and optimism in their everyday lives.  She has been helping people accept and perceive their authentic beauty and innate strengths and talents through intuitive energy healings, soul readings, classes, animal communication services and inspirational writings since 1981. 

Sessions: Saturday 10 am to 5pm - 

Sunday from 10 am to 5pm

Call to pre-book and assure your spot , or just drop in!

Contact:  518-374-4388

Email:  [email protected]

Web:  www.lightspeak.com

Leslie Ford

(Main Vending Room)

Offering:  Rune Readings

Each of us has wyrd,our own unique life pattern which is based on events of the past, combined with the present life situation. Leslie casts runes, with crystal over top, to help the client discover their own wyrd, or self. As only the past and present are fixed, the client is given insight allowing them to stay on their current path or consider making changes.

Bio: Runes were brought to me in this lifetime by the divine intervention of Odin. The sowilo rune (which means sun) was brought to me during meditation for three consecutive days, each day the rune being more persistent than the last. After meditation the 3rd day I flipped on the radio and heard three songs in a row with "sun" in the title - I decided to start paying attention! I have since learned that Odin is a part of me and I am a part of Him. The runes are more than an alphabet rooted in Northern Mythology. Runes are used for divination and magic and daily meditation on a rune is an exciting adventure into the layers upon layers that make up our self!

Contact:  [email protected]  

Phone: 607-316-1724 to pre-book your app't or just drop in!

Sessions:  Saturday, and Sunday 10am-5pm

Meghan Singh,

Slingerlands, NY

Saturday ONLY

Psychic Reader

Offering: Connecting with Spirit can bring you loving guidance, peace and joy on your journey. During a reading, I serve as a "go between" as we tap into source energy, to your inner spirit and all the love and support beings of Light provide. My goals as a Spiritual Reader are to pass on your Guides' messages as clearly as possible and to let you know that Spirit is there to help you in any area of your life! You only need to ask, listen, allow and trust!

Bio: Meghan is a Spiritual Intuitive and has been doing Spiritual Readings for over nine years. She has been trained by her parents, both experienced in this field, for many years. Her readings offer the possibility for each client to receive the same comfort, courage and guidance she feels when she connects with Spirit.

Pre-book with Meghan and assure a spot with her at fair on Sat.: Call 518-729-2151, or just drop in

Web: www.MeghanSingh.com

Find Meghan on Facebook:  

Readings: Saturday Only

Joan Bender

Health Coach, Reiki & Craniosacral Practitioner

Delmar, NY


30 minute Reiki and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Sessions for a special SHIFT Fair rate of $30. Both Reiki & Craniosacral Therapy utilize light gentle touch to calm the nervous system, promote relaxation improve energy circulation & create a greater sense of mind, body, spirit integration.

Bio:  Joan is a Certified Health Coach, Reiki & Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner, & Author of the children's book, The Great Veggie Monster Mystery. I help my clients to reconnect with the healing & restorative abilities of their bodies as they learn practical techniques to manage stress, stay balanced & achieve greater health & happiness.

Contact Joan To pre-book a session,

E-mail:  [email protected]

PHONE: 518-461-9507

Web:   http://www.jbenderwellness.com/
Blog:    http://www.jbenderwellness.com/blog
   Find Joan on Facebook!

Find Joan on Linked In!


Carrie Beleno
Bethlehem, PA
Carrie will be in the Main Vending Room
Carrie Beleno is a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher, medium and owner of Beleno Spiritual Healing Center in Bethlehem, PA. She received a phone call from an anonymous Tibetan man, whom she calls "Yoda," that transformed her life. She shares her journey and universal spiritual truths through her books: "The Night Yoda Phoned: My Direction from Spirit" and "Because Yoda Said So: Following Your Intuition" and her Intuitive Reiki work. Web:  www.carriebeleno.com,

Karen D'Antonio
Health Kinesiology
Effort, PA
(See Slide show Above)

Health Kinesiology (aka HK) is energy healing for the body. The practitioner uses muscle testing to get the most accurate answers from the client's body. We often say HK is acupuncture without the needles! Clients get a very deep healing that is long lasting and has the ability to change ones life!

Bio:  Hi, my name is Karen, I've been a Registered Nurse for 29 years and I truly felt that helping people heal is more than just medical treatments.So I learned Health Kinesiology........... To learn more about what Karen does-
Or to Pre-book your private session with Karen-
Contact: at 570 269 1634 or
Visit her website hkthenaturalway.wixsite.com/health 
Email Karen at [email protected]
Special Fair Price:  30 minutes = $30.00
                               50 minutes= $45.00
I look forward to talking with you and seeing you at my booth!

Dick Buchanan
Psychic Reader, Hypnotist
Horseheads, NY

Offering:  Psychic Readings

Dick Buchanan is a long-time practicing psychic/medium in the northern tier of Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York. He is well known in the northern tier of Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York. Other areas of expertise include medical intuitive,and prognostication of future events. Dick has hosted his own radio shows along with conducting numerous lectures and seminars regarding psychic phenomenon.

  Dick Buchanan is a long time practicing psychic/medium in the northern tier of Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York.His abilities have been used by law enforcement agencies,and in assistance in finding missing persons.Other area of expertise include abilities as a medical intuitive and prognostication of future events. You may reach Dick to pre-book
by calling (607)732-7500,or by his website: www.psychic-hypnosis.com
e-mail:  [email protected]

Theresa Duerr
Reflections Tarot
Rensselaer, NY

Theresa customizes her approach for each seeker depending on their experience level with readings, their excitement or hesitation, and their energy. She intuitively shares what the seeker needs to know in addition to the things they’re inquiring about, taking care to be kind in the delivery, leveraging humor as appropriate. Readings are interactive and should be enjoyable—feedback and questions are welcomed so seekers get the most benefit from of their experience.

Theresa Duerr has been enthusiastically reading and exploring Tarot and Oracle decks for 5 years to channel her intuitive experiences. She particularly enjoys the readings where unusual info comes through and turns out to be the piece that resonates most with the seeker.
Find Reflections Tarot on Facebook www.facebook.com/ReflectionsTarot or
pre-register for a reading at [email protected] or 518-925-7618. Price: $20/20 minutes

"Theresa puts care and thoughtfulness into each reading. She begins her readings with a focus question chosen by the client. My readings were positive, accurate and very in depth. She has excellent insight. I have come away from each reading with motivation that has helped me to move my life forward." – Vicky S.
Sheri Quintana
Reiki Master/ Teacher
Bethlehem, PA
Find Sheri in the Main Vending Room

 Offering:  Mini Reiki sessions as well as guidance for your personal spiritual growth. She specializes in the Pet/Human relationship and would love to share her insights on how your pet's behavior is a reflection of your well-being.

Bio: Sheri Quintana is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Pet/Human Connection Specialist. Sheri's Reiki studies and work have reinforced her understanding that everything in the universe is energy interconnected. People, words, emotions,  your well-being, thoughts and, of course our furry friends all contribute to and affect our experiences. Pets are instinctively sensitive to energy and I can help you understand their behavior and recognize how it is a reflection of your well-being.
Web:      www.sheriquintana.com
Pre-book with Sheri to assure a spot or just drop in!
Phone:  610-653-9732
  • Paula in Machu Pichu
    Paula in Machu Pichu
Paula in Machu Pichu
Paula in Machu Pichu
Paula Petry, Ph.D.
Cherry Valley, NY
(See More pictures above!)
Paula will be in the Main Vending Room

A Deep Shamanic Cleanse Paula Petry, Ph.D. is a gifted healer - acquiring her gifts after reuniting with her daughter who had passed away years prior. Paula enters into non-ordinary time, and "sees" into your auric field. She is able to remove the heavy energies from emotional wounds, cut cords from old relationships, and retrieve lost aspects of self, helping you create an inner equilibrium. She shares her 'findings' and provides specific guidance on how to create more ease and flow in life.

Bio:  Paula Petry, Ph.D. is an intuitive shamanic energy medicine practitioner, author, and presenter. She has developed many successful programs, Discovery From Within, Moved to Learn, Power Up for Life. Her book, Looking for Alexandra and Finding Paula describes her spiritual journey which began when she was reunited with her daughter through a medium. She spent years entrenched in Western medicine and now believes true healing is an "inside job".
Web:  paulapetry.com
Email:   [email protected]
Pre-book with Paula to assure your spot or just drop in
Contact:  305-807-7594
Rev. Kris Seastedt
Lily Dale, NY
Saturday Only


Rev. Kris Seastedt is a registered Lily Dale Medium and Certified Fairyologist. She has taught college courses in both Astrology and meditation and facilitated mediumship development circles. Her professional background as a manager and trainer and with the disabled adds depth and scope to her teaching and spiritual work. She has combined her spiritual work with her other professional interests since her early teens, growing up in Jamestown, NY.
To pre-book with Kris-
Email:  [email protected]
Web:  www.revkris.com