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New Readers for April 22nd Fair will Appear on March 1st, 2023

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Diana Friedell
Psychic Medium
ISD Faculty & Minister
Oneonta, NY

Sat. & Sun.
Also see workshops

Offering:  Diana tunes into the spiritual realm to connect with your guides, or angels, and/or loved ones in spirit for the purpose of emotional healing or bringing unfinished business to a close. Your Spirit Guides direct the reading with things that will help with your life path & spiritual growth at this time. Topics may include guidance regarding relationship, career, family, health or other issues of importance to you. Questions welcome. Includes recording of your reading. "Accurate, spot on, healing"
Diana is also offering a workshop on Dreams on Sat. at 4pm
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Bio: Diana was trained in the Spiritualist tradition. She has been reading, healing & teaching for 20 years. Diana is a 2004 graduate of the School for Healing and Prophecy through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY & a graduate of the teaching program at SUNY Oneonta. Diana currently serves as a Minister & the Director at the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta. Diana was called to this work as a result of her search for spiritual meaning after her youngest son passed away in 1994

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Diana please contact  her directly. 

Office: 124 County Rte 58,  The Lotus Center, Oneonta, NY
Institute for Spiritual Development,
Phone:  607-433-2089
Michelle Irene, LLC

Angel Readings
Sat. & Sun.

Also see Workshops

Offering: Messages for the Soul Reading: As your energy is received through the angelic light of my angel team the cards will choose you for spiritual growth and understanding in your current situation. 1. Three Card Messages - The 'soul'ution needed to feed your soul and fuel your fire. $49 2. Ten Card Message - Divine Light Connection PLUS you'll receive my Oracle Deck $80 Experience the fluid magical dance of oracle cards while they assist in guiding you down the path of enlightenment.

Bio: The host of 'The Daily Oracle' Podcast, Michelle just recently completed her 4th book 'Flying Free. As an author, oracle card creator, & intuitive angel reiki master, my mission is to guide you towards a greater understanding & awareness of your soul's light. Gifting you the opportunity to attract abundance & cultivate more joy in your daily life. Through your spiritual practice, you not only gain ancient wisdom and insight but the trajectory of your authentic spirit, embodying your true being.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Michelle please contact her directly.

Phone: 607-343-5974

Marie Inglee

Twilight Memories

Hand Analysis, Psychic Reader, Tarot Cards

Sat. & Sun.

Offering: Everything you are is recorded in your hands. Untapped gifts are hiding in plain sight. Think of your hands as a connection between you and your ways of processing life, you and the people you interact with, and you and your highest wisdom/God. The answers you seek are there if you know where to look!. Let's uncover some of the unique magic that is you with a 25-minute reading of your hands!

Bio: I am an intuitive, certified scientific hand analyst through the International Institute of Applied Hand Analysis. I have spent decades showing people their potential for a life of greater opportunity, focus, and joy. I offer everything from a 20-minute get-to-know-you through your hands session to teaching personal hand analysis and personal guidance to your goals programs lasting 3-12 months.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Marie please contact her directly.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 607-695-HAND



Leah Bowden
Lightspeak Transformational Arts

SoulJourney Chakra Portraits

Also see workshops

Offerings:  Hand-painted mirrors of your soul's radiance, depict & activate the flow of your spiritual energy. Leiah sees, hears, and feels your soul's memories and projections, singing, chanting, and speaking your soul's messages to you as she receives them from your multidimensional aspects, often angelic and off-planet. This healing, radiant, positive mirror of your true being will help you powerfully and gently open to the magnificent self you came here to be.

Bio:  Intuitive guide Leiah Bowden's mission is to encourage people to experience their authentic radiance and innate power and to live with joy. She inspires people and helps them heal through soul readings, energy work, high frequency animal communication, and through her unique Soul Journey Energy Portraits, mirrors of people's authentically divine radiance.

Renee Ranke

Psychic Medium, Mentor, Teacher, Spiritual Advisor

Saturday Only

Offering:  Are you looking for some guidance on a specific area of your life or just trying to see what information the Universe believes that you need right now? Renee's unique style of messaging combines channeling, healing, and psychic mediumship to deliver the love, wisdom, and guidance that your soul most needs you to understand right now.

Bio:  My name is Renee Ranke, and I am a psychic medium, channel, intuitive teacher, and spiritual healer. I am also an ordained metaphysical minister and sanctioned healer with the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta, NY. In my ongoing search for metaphysical knowledge, I have studied with various teachers through ISD Oneonta, Lily Dale, NY, Omega Institute, and Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment. My passion is helping others discover ways to align their physical world with the beauty and grace of their spiritual self. Finding, embracing, and developing your own unique divine connection can bring peace and calm in the midst of life’s inevitable storms. If you are just beginning a spiritual journey or are an established spiritual ‘warrior’ looking for ways to strengthen your connection, I would really like to help.
Write to Renee Ranke

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Renee please contact her directly.
Gloria DePietro,
Ascenion Energy Healer

Psychic Reader, Energy Healer, Author

Sat. & Sun.

Offering:  I am a past life healer/reader using my higher self to connect with your akashic records to clear and heal any lingering effects from a past life that may be hindering you from being your highest and best self. If necessary I can release you from an ancestral inheritance that you don't want or need. I also retrieve lost or missing parts of your soul and release spirit attachments. In short whatever is holding you back from ascending into your true self of love and light is addressed and healed. I will be offering 30 minute psychic healings $50.

Bio:  I studied with Roger Woolger PhD. for five years, acquiring my certification in 2010 in Past Life Regression. I have been helping people release unwanted karmic patterns for 15 years. I have written a book on reincarnation entitled A Soul's Journey available on Amazon in English and Italian. I perform sessions in my office & online. Sessions are 30 minutes to access your akashic records and heal what is needed.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Gloria please contact her directly.

Phone:  917-215-1179
Joan Bender

Energy Healer, Author,

Sat. & Sun.

Also see workshops

Offering: Offering Reiki and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy- Lie back, relax, let your stress melt away, and let your mind wander to a peaceful healing place. She'll be providing 30 minute sessions at $30 per session.

Bio: Joan Bender is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Certified Health Coach in Delmar NY. Joan helps people to de-stress, re-energize, and find the foods and lifestyle that help them feel their best. She is also the Author of Gluten Free Alchemy: The Heart & Soul of Creating Gluten Free Goodies and The Great Veggie Monster Mystery. You can learn more about her work on her website,

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Joan please contact her directly.

Phone: 5184619507
Melissa Lavin

Psychic Reader,
Tarot Reader,

Sat. & Sun.


Offering:  Melissa F. Lavin, Ph.D., is a tarot card reader, a writer, and criminology professor. She incorporates psychological insights into her tarot card readings. Her services are excellent for looking at a particular area in a client’s life, like work or personal relationships, and for plumbing the depths of the subconscious. She is available to do readings in Spanish.

Bio: Melissa F. Lavin, Ph.D., is a tarot card reader, an ethnographer, a writer and editor, and a professor. She is unique in incorporating psychological insights into her tarot card readings. Her services are excellent for looking at a particular area in a client’s life, like work or personal relationships, and for plumbing the depths of the subconscious. She is available to do readings in Spanish.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Dr. Lavin  please contact her directly.

Phone: (607) 434-7078
Cathy Roberts
The Mossy Burrow

Psychic Medium,
Tarot Reader

Saturday Only

Offering: I offer evidential mediumship and psychic readings using a variety of tools (or none at all) including crystal ball, pendulum, pictures, and tarot (both traditional and intuitive). My readings are honest, straightforward, and down to earth, delivered with a healthy dose of love and humor. I provide a safe space for people of all flavors, shapes and varieties.

Bio:  I am a second generation, natural born intuitive with over twenty years of experience reading privately and professionally. I expanded into doing shows and psychic fairs about four years ago.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Cathy please contact her directly.

Phone: 315-580-2252
Amanda Hoover
Net of Love LLC

Ascension Guide, Ordained Minister, Life Coach

Sat. & Sun.

Also see workshops

Offering:  Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher and Vibra Acoustic Energy Healer:  She works with higher dimensional frequencies to most often clear the energy field, open the chakras and energetically ground clients.  Vibra acoustic healing is a form of high frequency sound healing. The vibrations that come through Amanda travel through the organs, muscles and cells, which creates an environment for optimal healing.  She is divinely guided in her work and a vessel for the energy for the clients highest and greatest good. She will share information she receives psychically to support your journey.

Bio:  Amanda is the owner/operator of Net of Love LLC and an ordained minister with ISD. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, as well as graduate degrees in School Counseling and School Administration. Her services include spiritual coaching and ascension mentorship. She has extensive training in Egyptian Ascension, the ancient art of alchemy, energy healing: Reiki Master and Vibra Acoustic Energy Healing, meditation/mindfulness training and cognitive behavioral shifts for healing.

Phone:  607-434-3945
Lauri Walker
Dragonfly Intuitive Tarot

Psychic & Tarot Reader

Sat. & Sun.

 OFFERING: “Sorting out the illusions to help people find the truth.” Lauri’s dedication and love of helping people with everyday issues is what motivates her readings and enables her to give the client a different perspective on life. Dragonfly Intuitive Tarot (Lauri) is an Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card reader from NY’s Capital District region

Bio: Known as Dragonfly Intuitive Tarot, Lauri is an Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card reader from New York's Capital District region.  Lauri started reading Tarot for fun, as a hobby several years ago and has studied under world-renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams, internationally acclaimed psychic mediums, Christine Seebold, Adam Bernstein, and Julie MacDonald. Lauri’s dedication and love of helping people with everyday issues, and giving them a different perspective on life is what motivates her readings.  “Sorting out the illusions to find the truth.” 


To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Lauri please contact her directly.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 518-376-1857



Sage Heals

Astrologer - Intuitive Healer

Sat. & Sun.

Also see workshops

Offering:  Sage Provides Modern Vedic Astrological Counseling and speaks on the wisdom gathered over his 35+ years of truth seeking. Healing with love, intuition, astrology, and a host of ancient practices. Specializing in spiritual seekers and those desiring holistic healing. Also offering Bach Flower Essences bottles mixed onsite or by 'prescription' to be filled later. Also I make gemstone suggestions based upon the birth chart and intuition.
His contact information is below, mention Show special & Prepay for a zoom reading at another date for an hour reading (with recording!) at the show price of $30!

Bio:  At 15 Sage was handed, by his teacher, a Pagan Black Foot Indigenous shaman: astrology, theosophy, Alchemy, The Seth Material and many other subjects, sending Sage on a 30 year quest of The Great Work. Sage dedicated 7 years avidly studying astrology, along with numerous ancient and modern spiritual systems. Blended with his intuitive abilities, many healing modalities and remedies to assist those who are called to his services.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Sage please contact him directly.

Phone:  570-772-6040
Katie Rubin
Master Healer,
Jacksonville, FLA

Also see workshops

Offering:  In your time with Katie, she will open your Akashic Records to speak directly with Consciousness Itself, and to merge with the frequencies of Divine Light.  You will come to the session with questions and Katie will receive clear, powerful, guidance, direction, insight and Healing Transmissions of Light in response.
~Don't miss Katie's workshop on Saturday at 1pm!

BIO:  Master Healer and Akashic Records Reader Katie Rubin spent 4 years at The University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism releasing her own trauma, opening her Spiritual Channel, and developing her Healing Skills and Psychic Abilities.  She has since attended two other four-year-long Energy Healing Institutions, and now uses the panoply of Divine Light Healing skills she's gained to serve her private and group healing clients. 

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Katie please contact her directly:

Rev. Story Lucile Ducey

The Ivy League Intuitive

Psychic-Medium, ISD Faculty & Minister

Sat. & Sun.

Also see workshops

Offering:  Evidential Mediumship Readings, Psychic Counseling. Bring your Soulful Questions and receive Soulful Insights. My readings are focused on bringing forth strong evidence from Spirit to confirm, without a doubt, their identity and after life existence. We begin with asking you to hold your questions silently then allowing Spirit to respond. This is called a Spirit driven message. Whether you are seeking confirmation of life after death or seeking to give your loved ones in spirit a chance to clearly converse with you this method is powerful. We set up a link so you can communicate your love and receive their loving messages in return. Or a link is set up so you can address difficult ‘unfinished business.’ Spirit will know what you most need to hear and who you need to most hear from. My readings then ask for insight into your earthly and spiritual gifts in order to encourage you to continue to unfold them in this lifetime.


Story Lucile Ducey is a classically trained Psychic Medium and long time teacher of interdisciplinary courses in Comparative Religion, Esoteric Judaism & Christianity and ‘The Art & Science of Intuitive Development for Seers and Scientists.’ She lectures on the teachings of Edgar Cayce and Alice Bailey. Story has an Intuitive Counseling Practice and teaches in both Otsego County and the Metropolitan area. Story is a former faculty and board member of the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey; a Graduate of Columbia University and The New Seminary. Her teachers include Jean Munzer, Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, and  Rev. Janet Nohaveck. She has worked as a Pastoral Counselor and Officiant in Christian and Interfaith ministry for 25 years.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Story please contact her directly.

Phone: (607) 638-5111

Kim Francis

Angelic Realm Tarot

Psychic Reader, Tarot & Angel Cards

Sat. & Sun.

Offering:  Do You Love Tarot? Get your personal reading with Kim Francis. Kim provides readings using tarot, oracle, and angel cards. Kim works with spirits, angels, and archangels to deliver personal messages that are honest and non-judgmental, each with the purest intention and for the highest good. She has been following her spiritual calling and cultivating her psychic abilities for over 30 years.

Bio:   Kim is a psychic and empathic intuitive with a passion for metaphysical & spiritual beliefs. She is known professionally as “Angelic Realm Tarot.”  Kim uses tarot, oracle, and angel cards in her readings as visual cues in communication with her guides.  Her focus is on helping people make better decisions and lead happier lives.  Kim works with spirits, angels, and archangels to deliver personal messages that are honest and non-judgmental, each with the purest intention and for the highest good. She has been following her spiritual calling and cultivating her psychic abilities for over 30 years.  Always eager to learn, Kim enjoys taking classes and workshops that allow her to explore new paths that interest her.

Kim is certified an Intuitive/Psychic, Reiki Master, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Natural Health Consultant with a modality in Hypnosis, and is an Ordained Minister.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Kim please contact her directly.

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  518-461-6187



Vicki Loubier,
Divinely Aligned

Psychic Medium Reader, Energy Healer

Sat. & Sun.

Offering: Vicki Loubier of Divinely Aligned offers Psychic Medium readings. In a mediumship reading she will connect with your Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved ones for the highest good and Healing for all. Vicki also offers Integrated Energy Therapy Energy empowerment's.

Bio:  Vicki is naturally curious and a lifelong learner. As a natural medium, she has been seeing auras and receiving messages in dreams since childhood. As an adult she was guided to develop her Spiritual gifts to help others on their path. Vicki has studied with Cindy Kaza and she is also a Certified Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor. Vicki leads groups in manifestation and Angels and teaches Integrated Energy Therapy.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Vicki please contact her directly.

Phone:  518-469-9058
Sha Blackburn
The Loon Witch

Tarot Reader
Aura Photography

Sunday Only

Offering:  AURA PHOTOGRAPHY - See your true self of light and color that exists through the chakras, and receive a personal interpretation unique to you about what your aura saying about you in the moment. TAROT READINGS - A snapshot of your life in this moment with the most important things you should know called out to you. Each reading includes a future prediction for the next 6-12 months. RUNE READINGS - Learn how to harmonize your life with the energies surrounding you right now.

Bio:  Internationally known psychic, known to be compassionate, insightful and “scary accurate”. She specializes in Tarot Readings; Rune Readings, and Aura Photography. She is passionate about life and uses her 4 decades of experience to help others to learn, cope and create the life that they desire. Find out more on her website

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Sha please contact her directly.

Phone:  508-789-5141

Judy Lynn,

International Psychic Evidential Medium, Mentor, Spiritual Advisor

Sat. & Sun. 

Offering:  Judy's Psychic and Mediumship readings offer a lighthearted, fun and healing connection with you and your loved ones in the spirit world.  She will be offering 20 minute readings during the Fair, giving you healing messages and direction. She hopes you will find comfort and strength in knowing that your loved ones are well and nearer than you might think. In a Psychic reading you will also gain knowledge of your life purpose and what's ahead for you in the coming weeks.

Bio: Judy is a International Psychic Evidential Medium and Teacher. I am the Co-founder & Education Director at the Spiritual Oasis Universal Learning Center. I am also a founding member of the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta where I am an authorized Psychic Medium, Certified Healer and Teacher. In addition to that, I am a member of the Spiritualist National Union where I continue my development along with other National and International Teachers. I offer Psychic & Mediumship readings over the phone, on zoom or in my office located in Earlville, NY. Judy also offer's home Psychic Parties, talk to her about booking yours soon.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Judy Lynn please contact her directly.

Phone:   (607) 316-3260
Katrin Naumann

Psychic Reader, Author, Tarot Reader

Sat. & Sun.

Also see workshops

Offering: I offer Psychic Evolutionary Soul Tarot Readings and I have a book and cd I co-authored that I will be selling.

Bio: Director of Inner Balance Life Works, Katrin Naumann, serves as a Holistic Healing Artist. Her Soul-Centered Spiritual and Life Coaching utilizes Clairvoyance, Tarot, Astrological Chart Readings, and Energy Healing, among other modalities, to support her clients in dynamic self-transformation, self-empowerment, and manifesting a vibrant, joyful life. Katrin has been described as a “Renaissance Woman,” and “an Oracle of our Times.” Learn more about her work at

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Katrin please contact her directly.

Phone: 315-289-3831

Christene Springle

Mountain Magic Healing Studio

Evidential Medium,

Intuitive Tarot Reader,

Psychic Animal Communicator

Sat. & Sun.

Offering:  Christene is an evidential medium, psychic, intuitive tarot reader, and animal communicator. Her mediumship readings bring forth messages and memories from loved ones, while her unique intuitive tarot readings offer guidance and healing. Christene also offers unique animal communication readings for animals both living and in spirit.

Bio:  Christene is a lifelong intuitive, who shares a deep connection with nature and animals. She is an evidential medium, psychic, intuitive tarot reader, animal communicator, and teacher. Christene is an active member of the Spiritualist’s National Union and the Institute of Spiritual Development (ISD) - Oneonta, NY chapter and is a teacher and on the Board of Directors with ISD. Christene’s studio is in Schenevus, NY and she offers readings and classes both in-person and by zoom.   This is where magic and healing begin!

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Christene please contact her directly.

Phone:  607-287-7278

Maryellen Palmatier

Angel Card Reader

Saturday only

Offering: I am offering Angel Card Readings for life guidance to help individuals in their own healing and to assist them through Spirit and the Cards, to make decisions with suggestions to make more healthy, positive choices for life change.

Bio: After working over 40 years in mental health housing and children in the community, on a professional level, I had an awakening on a personal level to work with people on a more Spiritual level for healing and guidance. I have certifications in Angel Card reading, Reiki and became an ordained minister. Working in the spiritual realm has enriched my own life, with the desire to share the energy and light with others.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Maryellen  please contact her directly.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (607)759-2740

Kaysea Canfield
The Waterford Medium

Psychic Medium

Sat. & Sun. 

OFFERING: The Waterford Medium,  Kaysea Canfield. I connect to loved ones lost in connection to your souls pain. Your guides also help direct you to the path you are supposed to be on in your life.

Bio:  I am Kaysea Canfield the Waterford Medium. At an early age I made friends in the spiritual world. I didn't understand at that time they weren't alive. At this time I understand my soul is here for a purpose to heal pain in this life and on the other side so both souls can shift to where their purpose is.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Kaysea please contact her directly.

Phone:  518-300-0722
Joan Kimball
The Palm Reading Lady

Psychic Advisor and
Reiki Master

Sat. & Sun.

Offering:  By Using her Reflexion Cards she will show you how each of your chakras are responding to the issues in your life, Joan can see where your strengths and weakness' are. By  seeing all your options, you can choose your path as only you can do.

Bio:  With over 40 years of experience Joan "The Palm Reading lady" has been helping others with her psychic skills. Her ability to hear what others may not have heard helps her heal the  wounds of those around her by repeating conversations she was not involved in, giving confirmation to what was spoken by others and by their own conscience.  Many have said "Were you at my kitchen table this morning? that is exactly what we spoke about." When she says "I hear voices" this is an indication that your angels or spirit guides are giving you authentication from a total stranger of what you figured out for yourself BUT didn't act on.  Joan will look at the lines on your hand and talk to you about Kids, Money, Relationships, Longevity, Health, Travel, How you make your decisions and Angels and Guides that walk along beside you.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Joan please contact her directly.

Phone:  315-404-7493

SWAMI Tirtha

Psychic Medium, Shamanic Healing, Pet Whispering

Offering: You have a choice of Psychic Mediumship Channeling, Shamanic healing, and Pet whispering. Often the channeling includes healings from the archangels and ascended masters. 
Swami Tirtha is a born psychic medium channel, shaman & healer. He has studied at LilyDale Assembly and taught shamanism and instant energy heart healing there (the workshop he will share Sunday Oct 20 at SHIFT). 

BIO:  Swami is now the RV psychic as he sold his home and bought an RV to travel to Florida to spend the winter at his friend's horse ranch. He also has a feral cat that adopted him who will be his traveling companion. Swami teaches online courses from his trailer including Vedic astrologer certification & shamanic energy & psychic healing certificate course. 

He is posting video blogs on youtube about his travels and some live events to share the new downloads coming for this Age of Celebration. He is also a #1 best-selling author of The Ayurveda Encyclopedia. Website: Orange