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Poster at top includes all of Lisa's Events- Lisa will not be doing private readings at this event.

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2 Day Advance Price Ticket Holders will be seated first for Lisa's FREE Keynote Presentation 4/25 at 12 Noon at Fair.
TIX to "Messages from the Other Side" with Lisa Williams, Saturday night 7pm at the Foothills Performing Arts Center.


Psychic Autumn

Psychic Reader,
Angel Readings

Offering: Psychic Autumn provides accurate information from the spirit world to guide you to achieve the very best life !

Bio: Autumn has been in the service of her clients for over 22 years You can see that she loves her work! Autumn has many different modalities available to her psychic mediumship readings past life Regression , Health intuitive, Healing hands Practitioner angel and tarot card reader ,workshops Private and corporate Psychic parties.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Autumn please contact her directly.
Phone: 518 209 6486

Melissa Lavin

Psychic Reader,
Tarot Reader,

Sunday Only


Offering:  Melissa F. Lavin, Ph.D., is a tarot card reader, a writer, and criminology professor. She incorporates psychological insights into her tarot card readings. Her services are excellent for looking at a particular area in a client’s life, like work or personal relationships, and for plumbing the depths of the subconscious. She is available to do readings in Spanish.

Bio: Melissa F. Lavin, Ph.D., is a tarot card reader, an ethnographer, a writer and editor, and a professor. She is unique in incorporating psychological insights into her tarot card readings. Her services are excellent for looking at a particular area in a client’s life, like work or personal relationships, and for plumbing the depths of the subconscious. She is available to do readings in Spanish.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Dr. Lavin  please contact her directly.

Phone: (607) 434-7078
Suzanne Johnson

Pet Readings
Energy Healer

Saturday Only

Offering: Suzanne's sessions range from communication with animals that are present, distant, and who have passed on. These connections can help with diet, healing therapy, lost pets, and information about behaviors. Some animals have been with us before and will visit again. (All proceeds go to wildlife rescue.) Suzanne is also offering a workshop on animal communication.

Bio: Suzanne is a teacher and wildlife rehabilitator. After her son’s miraculous healing through Christ, she has been gifted with the ability to “hear” and acts as a conduit for healing work and communication with both people and animals. She is an energy healer, dowser, medium, clairvoyant, and author. In honor of being able to do this work, proceeds are donated to wildlife rescue missions.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Suzanne please contact her directly.

Dragonfly Intuitive Tarot

Tarot Oracle Card Reader


OFFERING: Dragonfly Intuitive Tarot card reader.  Disclaimer: I do not answer medical based questions. Pursuant to NY Penal Law § 165.35: These services are intended solely for the purpose of entertainment or amusement.

Bio: Known as Dragonfly Intuitive Tarot, Lauri is an Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card reader from NY’s Capital District region.  Lauri started reading Tarot for fun, as a hobby several years ago and has studied under world-renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams, internationally acclaimed psychic mediums, Christine Seebold, Adam Bernstein, and Julie MacDonald. Lauri’s dedication and love of helping people with everyday issues, and giving them a different perspective on life is what motivates her readings.  “Sorting out the illusions to find the truth.” 


To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Lauri please contact her directly.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 518-376-1857



Diana Friedell

Psychic Medium

Offering:  Diana tunes into the spiritual realm to connect with your guides, or angels, and/or loved ones in spirit for the purpose of emotional healing or bringing unfinished business to a close. Your Spirit Guides direct the reading with things that will help with your life path & spiritual growth at this time. Topics may include guidance regarding relationship, career, family, health or other issues of importance to you. Questions welcome. Includes recording of your reading. "Accurate, spot on, healing"

Bio: Diana was trained in the Spiritualist tradition. She has been reading, healing & teaching for 18 years. Diana is a 2004 graduate of the School for Healing and Prophecy through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY & a graduate of the teaching program at SUNY Oneonta. Diana currently serves as a Minister & the Director at the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta. Diana was called to this work as a result of her search for spiritual meaning after her youngest son passed away in 1994

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Diana please contact  her directly. 

Office: 41-45 Dietz St, The Lotus Center, Oneonta, NY
Institute for Spiritual Development,
Phone:  607-433-2089
Betty Jane Ware

Psychic-Medium-Tarot Master

Offering: With more than 35 years of experience, Betty Jane is a natural, very intuitive reader and very much to the point. You will immediately feel a connection with her, and you will be calling back for future appointments.

Bio: Betty Jane is a third generation Seer and highly intuitive reader. She is a practicing Witch with over 35 years in the craft. An international psychic, Betty Jane has a number of well-known personalities as her clients. Betty Jane teaches from her home and around the world including the internationally acclaimed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh and The Atlantis Bookshop in London UK.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Betty Jane please contact her directly.

Phone:  416-894-2602

Renee Ranke

Psychic Medium

Offering: Mystical Moments Remembered offers Inspirational messages from Spirit; healing messages of Love and Light. Each of us has our own inner Team of Ancestors, Loved Ones, Guides, Angels, and Teachers, who wish to enfold us with Love and aid us in remembering who we are and what we are here for. Together we will connect and receive the guidance and wisdom that you need to Light your Divine path.

Bio: Renee is a psychic medium, automatic writer, channel, and spiritual healer. She has a direct mystical connection with a remarkable Spirit Team; known as the We. Her purpose is to help connect others with the guidance and wisdom that they most need and to light the path towards discovering their own Divinity. 

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Renee please contact her directly.
Rebecca Franco

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Angel Readings

Offering: I offer Celestial energy healing.This is a fusion of several healing modalities along with the placement of crystals. I work with the vibration of the angelic and crystal realm to heal the mind, body and spirit.This will align your chakras and meridians to stimulate your bodies own natural healing ability. At the conclusion of the healing the client receives a short Angel oracle & medical intuitive reading.

Bio: I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master , Master level Integrative Energy Therapist, Shamanic Healer, Holistic Health Coach, & Certified Medical Intuitive, through Carolyn Myss and Tina Zion. I am a Registered Nurse, certified Yoga instructor and meditation instructor. I have taken many classes and workshops on metaphysics and healing at Lilly Dale, I draw from all these modalities in my healing practice. I am a ordained minister withe the Universal Life Church.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Rebecca please contact her directly.

Phone: 607-226-2670
Tiffany Butler,
Raven Hollow Ranch

Psychic Reader

Offering: Rev. Dr. Tiffany Marie Butler Will Be offering Tarot Card ,Totem Card and Past life readings. With 25yrs experience under her belt, she is the High Priestess of Raven Hollow Ranch's Pagan community in Sloansville, NY Her connection to the spirit world cant be seen but can be felt. Tiffany's readings are fun light hearted and straight to the point. She looks forward to Reading for you.

Bio: Tiffany Marie can be described as a larger than life, charismatic yet down to earth, mystical personality who shares her insights and gifts with those who have come to her for advice.Gifted as a reader since childhood, she employs several of the mystical arts as well as her natural gifts as a seer in a way that is both entertaining as well as insightful. Tiffany's readings combines clairvoyance and wisdom with deep awareness of the soul.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Tiffany please contact her directly.

Phone: 518-810-1615

Maryellen Palmatier

Angel Card Reader

Saturday Only

Offering: Angel Card Readings- What I am offering: Intuitive Readings with Angelic Guidance. With the use of various decks of angel cards to choose from, a spiritual and intuitive reading will be done with love and light, to assist in answering questions asked for life guidance through Spirit. Your readings may have their focus on relationships, spiritual matters or connections, abundance, or life purpose..

Bio: I am an  Interfaith Minister in the Order of Melchizedek, Angel Card Reader, and Certified in Reiki for Healing. I work with individuals to assist them in getting answers for life guidance and for healing in Mind, Body, and Spirit. I have incorporated the 39 years of experience in working with individuals with mental health issues, to assist anyone who is seeking healing and guidance for life through Spirit.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Maryellen  please contact her directly.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (607)759-2740

Tim Keys

Energy Healer,
Reiki Healing

Saturday Only

Offering:  Crystal Reiki on The Amethyst BioMat. Clients Energy Fields are cleared using Reiki and Crystals In addition Tim shares Visualizations his clients can use to help themselves feel better.

Bio: im Keys is a Hands On Healer, Reiki Master Practitioner and Dowser who has been helping clients feel better for the last 20 years Tim uses his empathic gifts to help clients clear blocks in their energy fields so theu can continue to heal themselves now and in the future. 

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Tim please contact him directly.

Phone: 607-437-1587

Kaysea Canfield
The Waterford Medium

Psychic Medium

Sunday Only

 OFFERING: The Waterford Medium,  Kaysea Canfield. I connect to loved ones lost in connection to your souls pain. Your guides also help direct you to the path you are supposed to be on in your life.

Bio:  I am Kaysea Canfield the Waterford Medium. At an early age I made friends in the spiritual world. I didn't understand at that time they weren't alive. At this time I understand my soul is here for a purpose to heal pain in this life and on the other side so both souls can shift to where their purpose is.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Kaysea please contact her directly.

Phone:  518-300-0722

Dick Buchanan

Psychic Medium

Offering: Dick Buchanan and Trace Davis are the Penn & Tellor of psychic readers/mediums,although not magicians,they will give you two psychic /medium perspectives for the price of one psychic reading.They include a CD recording of the reading along with handouts explaining numerology,your aura and other information that is essential for your spiritual growth and well being

Bio: Dick Buchanan and Trace Davis combine their intuitive abilities in a synchronizing frequency to give you a combination of two different yet similar perspectives.Dick's area of expertise include being medical intuitive and prognosticator of future events,Trace's area of expertise is connecting with your guides and loved ones who have passed into spirit..Dick has been doing psychic readings for 42 years and Trace recently joined Dick after a death of his spouse.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Dick and Trace please contact him directly.

PHONE: (607)732-7500 or cell 607-425-5470

Leslie Ford

Psychic, Rune Reader


Saturday Only

Offering:  Leslie offers psychic readings combining the Norse Runes as well as crystals, birds, trees and other elements of nature. Find out what Spirit has in store for you in the new decade. Leslie also offers hand made custom Orgonite pyramids. Orgonite transforms negative energy into positive energy (this can be energy from electronic devices or the people around you).

Bio: Leslie is a Reiki Master with a passion for nature Leslie has been doing psychic readings for over 10 years, combining the Norse Runes with crystals, birds, trees and elements of nature. Leslie also channels automatic writing and art work from Spirit.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Leslie please contact her directly.
See Also- Vending page to see her products. . .

Email:  [email protected]  

Phone: 607-316-1724 

Joan Kimball

The Palm Reading Lady
Psychic Advisor and
Reiki Master

Offering:  By Using her Reflexion Cards she will show you how each of your chakras are responding to the issues in your life, Joan can see where your strengths and weakness' are. By  seeing all your options, you can choose your path as only you can do.

Bio:  With over 40 years of experience Joan "The Palm Reading lady" has been helping others with her psychic skills. Her ability to hear what others may not have heard helps her heal the  wounds of those around her by repeating conversations she was not involved in, giving confirmation to what was spoken by others and by their own conscience.  Many have said "Were you at my kitchen table this morning? that is exactly what we spoke about." When she says "I hear voices" this is an indication that your angels or spirit guides are giving you authentication from a total stranger of what you figured out for yourself BUT didn't act on.  Joan will look at the lines on your hand and talk to you about Kids, Money, Relationships, Longevity, Health, Travel, How you make your decisions and Angels and Guides that walk along beside you.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Joan please contact her directly.

Phone:  315-404-7493


Vedic Indian Astrology

Offering: I love teaching Tantric Yoga and doing people's astrology. Vedic Astrology is amazing and very specific. A consultation can help divine your strengths and weaknesses. Indian Astrology is so accurate that there is a time line of when specific Karma is likely to impact your life. I can surprise people how much I can discern about their lives, illuminating their past and future.

Come and meet Tapash at his Vendor Table and Bring your questions on Tantric Meditation Yoga and Vedic Astrology. Bring your birthplace, date and time within 15 minutes to book a 20 minute reading at the Shift Fair or Order you full chart for yourself and your loved ones.

Tantric Yoga and Vedic Astrological Books for sale. Learn the proper use of Gems and Remedies. Also enjoy his workshops and power point presentations on Saturday and Sunday.

Bio:  I am trained in Indian Astrology and Tantric Yoga in the Ananda Math Tradition. This tradition has both female and male Yogis, honoring both the feminine and masculine aspects of God. It also has an ancient lineage of Spiritual Warrior Monks. After decades of studying Sanskrit mantras and hymns, yogic philosophy, and Fire Ceremonies I became qualified to teach and perform Puja`s Vedic Ceremonies. This study honors universal spiritual principles. I love teaching Tantric Yoga and doing people's astrology. I am an environmental Scientist by trade and as a Scientist have a deep respect for the Science Of Vedic Astrology. 30 years experience.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Topaz please contact him directly.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 732-267-5722
Joan Bender

Energy Healer, Author,

Offering: Offering Reiki and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy- Lie back, relax, let your stress melt away, and let your mind wander to a peaceful healing place.

Bio: Joan Bender is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Certified Health Coach in Delmar NY. Joan helps people to de-stress, re-energize, and find the foods and lifestyle that help them feel their best. She is also the Author of Gluten Free Alchemy: The Heart & Soul of Creating Gluten Free Goodies and The Great Veggie Monster Mystery. You can learn more about her work on her website,

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Joan please contact her directly.

Phone: 5184619507

Sha Blackburn
The Loon Witch

Chakra Imaging,Tarot and
Rune Readings

Offering:  Your Chakras create your energetic body and reveal where you need to work to find balance in your life. Using AVS technology, the LoonWitch will photograph your Chakras and provide an interpretation about each of the main 7 chakras, helping you to find where you need to balance your energetic body for optimal wellness. Also offering Tarot and Rune Readings.

Bio: Sha Blackburn is The Loon Witch; an internationally known psychic with clients in 14 countries worldwide. She is known to be compassionate, insightful and “scary accurate”. She specializes in Tarot Readings; Rune Readings, and Aura Photography. She is passionate about helping others to learn, grow and understand. She has been featured on AM, FM and Internet Radio since 2003 and has nearly 40 years experience. She uses her motivation and psychic abilities to help people transform their lives.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Sha please contact her directly.

Phone:  508-789-5141
Adam Bernstein

Psychic Medium

Offering: I am an Evidential Medium and Psychic. Readings include intuitive guidance on life situations and relationships and/or messages from loved ones in Spirit as well as Guides and Ancestors. I provide evidence that life still continues after we cross over. My readings are specific in detail, compassionate and questions are welcome.

Bio: Adam Bernstein is a Psychic, Evidential Medium and Teacher with an international following. His path as a Psychic and Medium began at the early age of 4 and he has professionally worked as a psychic for 30 years. Known for accuracy, detail and compassion, a reading with Adam is a treat! Adam is the co-founder and charter member of the International Medium's League and has been featured in the book “Psychic New York”. He has appeared in articles in The New York Times and has been highlighted in several television shows including Court TV's groundbreaking Psychic Detectives and Fox 5 News.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Adam please contact him directly.

Phone: 845-687-3693

Rev. Story Lucile Ducey

The Ivy League Intuitive

Psychic-Medium, ISD Faculty & Minister

Offering:  Evidential Mediumship Readings, Psychic Counseling. Bring your Soulful Questions and receive Soulful Insights. My readings are focused on bringing forth strong evidence from Spirit to confirm, without a doubt, their identity and after life existence. We begin with asking you to hold your questions silently then allowing Spirit to respond. This is called a Spirit driven message. Whether you are seeking confirmation of life after death or seeking to give your loved ones in spirit a chance to clearly converse with you this method is powerful. We set up a link so you can communicate your love and receive their loving messages in return. Or a link is set up so you can address difficult ‘unfinished business.’ Spirit will know what you most need to hear and who you need to most hear from. My readings then ask for insight into your earthly and spiritual gifts in order to encourage you to continue to unfold them in this lifetime.

Bio: Story Lucile, is an academically trained philosopher and classically trained Psychic-Medium. She is a Faculty Member and Spiritualist Minister for the Institute for Spiritual Development ISD, Oneonta. Her interdisciplinary course: ‘The Art & Science of Intuitive Development for Scientists and Seers’ is offered at ISD and in Westford, NY where she hosts a ‘Summer School for Metaphysicians’ at the Darling Hill Retreat House www.darlinghillfarmretreat. In addition to her Intuitive Counseling Practice she works as a teacher and Curriculum Advisor for Continuing Education Programs offering courses in Metaphysics and Comparative Religion. The intersection of Science and Spirituality are her specialty. For two summers now she and Rev. Diana Friedell and Rev.Sue Landon of ISD developed and co-hosted the ‘Summer Spirit Lecture Series’ at The Lotus Center. Story has found a spiritual home with the fellow seekers at ISD and brings her 35 years of experience in teaching Metaphysics and hosting Meditation and Intuitive Development Circles in the Metropolitan New York area. Story is a former faculty and board member of the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey, a graduate of Columbia University, and The New Seminary. Since 1995 she has been actively involved in the Interfaith Seminary movement as a teacher, curriculum consultant, and minister officiating over Weddings in New York City and throughout Otsego County.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Story please contact her directly.

Phone: (607) 638-5111

Judy Lynn Spirit Communicator 

International Psychic, Evidential Medium, Energy Healer

Sunday Only

Offering:  Judy's readings offer a lighthearted, fun and easy approach to the spirit world. She believes that communicating with spirit should not be scary or threatening in anyway.  After all, it's just a conversation, a coming together of souls for a short time to share information, receive guidance or to begin the healing process.  I'm sure you will find comfort and strength in knowing that your loved ones (pets included)  are well, very busy and nearer than you might think.  Please Understand that Spirit only wants the best outcome for all and is excited to be given the opportunity to be heard.

Bio: Judy Lynn is a Psychic Evidential Medium, Spiritual Advisor and Energy Healer.  She has worked tirelessly over the past 30 years developing her ability to communicate effectively with the spirit world. She's learned to listen carefully to the voices, understand the symbols and recognize the images from spirit. Some voices she hears are those of your loved ones who are eager to connect with you to share messages and evidence that they are still near.  And some voices are from a gathering or collective of spirits wanting to help you on your life's journey. She is a founding member of the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta, NY. An Authorized Psychic Medium and Certified Healer there as well. She is a member of the Spiritualist National Union International and studied and trained in Lily Dale, NY. She is also an Ordained Minister and has enjoyed being the officiant at wedding ceremonies.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Judy please contact her directly.

Phone:   (607) 316-3260

Leiah Bowden

Energy Healer-
Visual Arts
Sound Therapy
Psychic Drawing/Painting

Offering:  Lightspeak Chakra Portraits, hand-painted mirrors of your soul's radiance, depict & activate the flow of your spiritual energy. Leiah sees., hears, and feels your soul's memories and projections, singing, chanting, and speaking your soul's messages to you as she receives them from your multidimensional aspects, often angelic and off-planet. This healing, radiant, positive mirror of your true being will help you powerfully and gently open to the magnificent self you came here to be.

Bio:  Intuitive guide Leiah Bowden's mission is to encourage people to experience their authentic radiance and innate power and to live with joy. She inspires people and helps them heal through soul readings, energy work, high frequency animal communication, and through her unique Soul Journey Energy Portraits, mirrors of people's authentically divine radiance.
To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Leiah please contact  her directly.


Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 518-374-4388





Katrin Naumann

Tarot Reader

Offering: Guided by Spirit, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Advisor Katrin Naumann will be offering Evolutionary Soul Tarot Readings. Katrin taps into the vibrational energy of your soul and spirit guides, to bring forth the messages they want you to hear, for your greatest growth and highest good during this lifetime. Access past lives, align with your soul's purpose, gain clarity regarding the issues most important for your peace of mind.

Bio: As a Clairvoyant, Holistic Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Teacher, Workshop Facilitator, and Author, Katrin Naumann endeavors to provide individuals with practical tools to become the conscious co-creators of their own (R)evolutionary Self-Transformation. Katrin has studied the Tarot and offered readings for 30 years. She co-authored Ten Gates into the Garden: Spiritual Teachings for the Awakening Consciousness.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Katrin please contact her directly.

Phone: 315-289-3831

Cathy Roberts
The Mossy Burrow

Psychic Medium,
Tarot Reader

Offering:  Intuitive tarot and evidential mediumship readings, using whatever tool works best for your individual energy and situation. Tools I use most often are Tarot cards, personal pictures supplied by the reader (phone pictures are fine), and / or pendulum. Sometimes, I don’t use any tools at all – each reading is unique and tailored to the needs of the client.

Bio:  I’m a second generation medium and psychic reader, who has been actively practicing for about twenty years. I consider myself to be open minded, non-judgmental and honest. I have a strong local clientele, and have read for both law enforcement and celebrities. My intuition manifests as clairsentience (sensing / feeling), clairaudience (hearing) and, less frequently, clairvoyance (seeing). My readings include divination, mediumship, and spiritual insight.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Cathy please contact her directly.

Phone: 315-580-2252

Marie Inglee

Twilight Memories

Hand Analysis, Psychic Reader, Tarot Cards

Offering: Marie is offering a combination psychic/medium/hand reading....using hands to enter the gateway of spirit and bring forth those in your energy field with messages that you are meant to hear to create a life of purpose and joy! Make your twilight memories happy ones!

Bio: Marie is a certified hand analyst, certified life story coach and lifelong spirit connector. She teaches classes in person and online,gives individual and group readings, and serves only with love and laughter.

To pre-book and guarantee an appointment time with Marie please contact her directly.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 607-316-7563