Cabin Fever Spirit Fest

WHEN:  FEBRUARY 22nd, 2020 TIME: 10am-4pm
WHERE: Institute for Spiritual Development, Lotus Center
41-45 Dietz St., Oneonta

FREE Admission to Spirit Fest!
But please GET TIX HERE so we can anticipate Numbers in attendance. . .
Please note different date & location for this SHIFT Spirit Fest (preceeds the April 25th Fair)

You may pre-book with your chosen practitioner to guarantee YOUR spot at the Spirit Fest, or just drop in!  All readings are 15 min for $25.  When you arrive at Spirit Fest, Reserve your appointment time slot with the Registrar at the Welcome Desk with your preferred Reader or Healer, or tell them you have pre-booked an appointment.
Drop in at Free Workshops!
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10 a.m.  Eileen Knott, Energy Healer: "Mindfulness for the Mercurial":
Your doctor told you to try meditation. All the books you read recommend it. You know the benefits, but you just don't have the time. The minute you sit down, your mind is buzzing with everything on your to-do list and you just can't sit still. Let's face it. We are all busy and our brains are in overdrive. Meet Eileen Knott and get introduced to the simple techniques she has developed for greater awareness and focused attention and cultivate those techniques in to daily life.
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11 a.m.
Kimberly Winsor:  "Clearing Effects of Electromagnetic Stress and Radiation"-
In this class Kimberly will present ways to buy back health, vitality and longevity by ridding the body of negative imprints and physical effects of Electromagnetic and Geopathic Stresses, and Radiation. Like it or not, all of these have become a daily part of existence in this day and age, - but we don’t have to keep the evidence!  Do-able remedies and suggestions will be presented to cover three varying degrees of need with the goal in mind to gently return us to our pristine bodies!
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12 noon - Susan Hintz Epstein, Rune Reader:  "Norse Tree of Worlds and Our Chakra System:"
Did you know that ancient Europe had its own teaching about the Norse Tree of Worlds named Yggdrasil? Yggdrasil is like the chakra system, only more detailed regarding the human psyche. Learn how the seven chakras are like the nine Worlds on Yggdrasil and how ancient Scandinavians and Teutons understood this system. Norse mythology began as teaching tales, but after Christianity usurped that old religion, the tales became dismissed as fairy tales. Susan Hintz Epstein will discuss the Norse creation myth, how human beings were made out of trees, and other fun tales out of the mythology as time allows. Susan is also offering Runes Readings at this Spirit Fest. . . See her entry below.

1pm:  Platform Mediumship Gallery with Judy Lynn, Renee Ranke, and Diana Friedell- What might Spirit say to you? Judy, Renee and Diana (See bios below) each have their own unique ways of connecting with your Spirit Loved Ones to give Messages to those in attendance. Fun and surprising! Attendance is limited to 12, due to space.

2pm: JoAnn Wormuth, Reiki Master Teacher, & IET Master Instructor: "Fluff Your Aura and Balance Your Energy Field": Learn 5 simple techniques you can use daily to maintain your aura, balance the brain, heal yourself, and get energized. Interactive and fun!

4pm:  Tim Keys:  "Raising the Vibration of our Homes & Offices"
Please Join Tim Keys in a Hands On Dowsing Class as We Learn to Dispel Negative Energies as well as Raise the Vibration of Our Homes and Office To Make Sure We Are Living in A Safe Place.  Home Made Pendulums and Dowsing Rods will be provided.
Eileen Knott:  
Offering:  10am Workshop
"Mindfulness for the Mercurial" (See description at top of page)
Eileen could only sit 2 minutes when she first began her journey of mindful presence practices 6 years ago. Her visceral understanding of how difficult it can be in getting started fueled creative efforts to produce a class to help manage the mental chaos people experience when they sit to meditate or learn mindfulness-based practices for the first time. She continually works with her mentor Ben Oofana and recently the Foundations training with Unified Mindfulness. Her workshops have been offered throughout the Mohawk Valley Library System and at Bassett Hospital. She created the Woman's Healing Circle to facilitate women finding their voice and inner power. Eileen offers individual healing sessions for a wide range of concerns from feeling stuck, lack of energy, inability to express oneself, anxiety, depression, physical pain, post-surgical recovery, nightmares, and more. Her regular practice of biannual fasting (4 days and nights without food and water in the wilderness) continually purifies her body, mind, and spirit to be a clear and effective conduit for healing, setting her work apart from traditional energy healers. Contact her for your individual needs at:
Kimberly Winsor, RPP, LMT
Offering:  11am Free Workshop
"Clearing Effects of Electromagnetic Stress & Radiation"

Kimberly is an experienced bodyworker and herbalist of 19 years.  After graduating from the NM Academy of Healing Arts in 2002 with a dual certification in Massage and Polarity therapies she has enjoyed maintaining a private practice, embracing people, animals and the environment.  Helping each other in our mutual paths to empowerment, in authentic, do-able ways is her greatest pleasure.

Jo Ann Wormuth, Reiki Master Teacher

Offering:  2pm Workshop

"Fluff Your Aura & Balance Your Energy Field"

Jo Ann experienced a dream visitation by Archangel Gabriel while recovering from a life-threatening illness in 2014.  She came to understand that this visitation was her calling by God to use her gifts as a “Lightworker” to help humanity on Earth.  JoAnn began a path to become an Energy Healer by completing Eden Energy Medicine Foundations.   She is now a Reiki Master Level Practitioner and an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor.  She is also a Sanctioned Healer with the Oneonta Chapter of the Institute for Spiritual Development. In all her practices and teachings, she strives to impart that true health is a balance of physical, mental and spiritual bodies.  She is a sanctioned healer with the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta, NY where she participates in the Sunday "healing chairs" once a month as a volunteer.

Readers at Cabin Fever Spirit Fest:

Christine (Tina) Breslau

Offering:  Tarot Card Readings
with Mediumship

Bio: Christine grew up surrounded by Aunties & a Grandmother, all on her mother's side,  who gave impressive tarot card readings her entire life.  She naturally never doubted, and quickly picked up the cards, and developed the intuitive gifts that run in her family.  Spirit continued to put cards in her path, and she states, "I know I am guided by spirit." Christine studied for ten years on her own and then continued her development and techniques with Rev. Diana Friedell.  Christine currently works at Springbrook, and is enrolled in the Ministry Program at the Institute for Spiritual Development.

Call to Pre-book an appointment with Tina or just drop in!


Tim Keys,
Milford, NY
 Team Healing with
Amanda Hoover, Bio Below

Offering:  Energy Healing Sessions on the Crystal Biomat
Tim Keys is a Reiki Master Practitioner, and Crystal Energy Healer.
During a Reiki treatment, Tim’s clients lie on the amethyst crystal BioMat which radiates soothing heat, negative ions and far infrared rays. Tim uses amethyst, quartz crystals and copper rings to maximize the Reiki energy coming through his hands. Tim’s healing capabilities come from a deep desire to help others as well as teaching them how to help themselves.

BIO for Dowsing Workshop:  
Tim is A Dowser and Hands On Healer  who has trained with many Master Dowsers including Joey Korn, Richard Benishai and Sig Lonegren. He has been raising The Vibration of Mother Earth, one home at a time since 2009.
Contact Tim by email [email protected] to schedule 
A Clearing at Your Home.

Phone: 607-437-1587

Tim also offers treatments at The Institute for Spiritual Development Serenity Room on Mon and Thurs from 11am to 5pm by appointment only.
Amanda Hoover
Reiki and "Hands of Light" Healer

Offering:  Team Healing with Tim Keys

Amanda Hoover has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, a Master's of Science in Education and is a certified school counselor and school administrator.  She has studied metaphysics, spirituality, and world religions at the college level.  Amanda has Reiki 2 Practitioner Certification and is a certified life coach. She has received extensive professional development in mindfulness in education and training in meditation.

Melissa F. Lavin, Ph.D

Tarot Card Readings

Bio: Melissa F. Lavin, Ph.D., is a tarot card reader, an ethnographer, a writer and editor, and a sociology and 

criminology professor.  She is unique in incorporating psychological insights in her tarot card readings. Her services are excellent  for looking at a particular area in a client's life, like work or personal relationships, and for plumbing the depths of the subconscious. Melissa also offers readings in Spanish.

 Se habla español.

Call to Pre-book an appointment with  Melissa or just drop in!

Email: [email protected]

Twilight Memories

Marie Inglee

Norwich, New York

Tarot, spirit messages, hand analysis

Offering: Have a reading that combines tarot, messages from the spirit world, and hand analysis for a unique experience in self empowerment. You will leave the reading with the tools and knowledge of what your talents, gifts and opportunities are for a brighter future and happier life!

Bio: Marie is a certified hand analyst through the International Institute of Hand Analysis, is trained in astrology, tarot and mediumship and teaches classes on Divination as well as Hand Analysis both online and in person.Marie seeks to empower each person to find their gifts and strengths to chart their best course forward in life. Her site is, email [email protected] and phone is 607-316-7563.

Call to Pre-book an appointment with Marie or just drop in!

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 607-316-7563


Susan Owens,
Psychic Medium Readings

Susan has always had a fascination with all things metaphysical.Throughout the years, she has worked with Diana and has also taken a number of workshops at Lily Dale. In the past, more than one psychic has approached her and told her she has a gift that should be further developed. One psychic in Lily Dale even stopped her on the sidewalk and told her one day she would be doing this work. When the opportunity was presented to enroll in ISD’s Intuitive Practitioner program, she took it and is now a Certified Intuitive Practitioner in ISD. She has had great success and is thoroughly enjoying this work. Susan has a strong desire to connect people with their dearly departed loved ones and to provide comfort by delivering messages of love from the other side. 

Contact Susan to pre-book with her:  at [email protected]

Rebecca Brouillard

Cancelled due to Illness!

Current Student of ISD

Tarot card readings


Offering: Tarot card readings - $10 donation to ISD

Bio: For many years I have had felt as if I was different.

I could see things others could not and I would experience things others would find odd. I have always felt out of place but I knew I wasn't the "crazy" person others have labeled me to be. I sought out for others of my kind to help learn about the things I felt and could do on an energetic level. I found the Institute for Spiritual Development and was thrilled to learn how many of my abilities had names I have never heard of, and gained an understanding that others have experienced similar occurrences. ISD quickly became my family and a judgement-free zone. I am part of the Intuitive Practitioner's Program. My goal is to become certified so I can help teach and attempt to awaken and enlighten others as well as those who struggle with their supernatural occurrences. I would also like to help others who have deep sorrows and struggles by simply giving them what I get from the other side on a day to day basis. I want to help them move forward when they feel as if they are at a loss. Everyone deserves to be happy. I believe I can be the small change to help make the slight shift in one's life to hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Renee Ranke

Psychic Medium

Offering: Mystical Moments Remembered Inspirational messages from Spirit with Love. Healing messages of love and light.  Each of us has our own inner Team of ancestors, loved ones, guides, angels, and teachers who want to enfold us with love and aid us in remembering who we are and what we are here for.  Together we will connect and receive the guidance and wisdom that you need to help you on your path.
Bio: Renee is a ministerial student with the Institute for Spiritual Development and a sanctioned ISD healer. Her mystical journey began after the passing of her husband and an ensuing spiritual rebirth.
She completed a spiritual mediumship mentorship program with Rev. Julie MacDonald and has completed several workshops through Lily Dale, NY with teachers like Rev. Judith Rochester  and Lisa Williams; but much of her education has come from intensive work directly with Spirit.

Call to Pre-book an appointment with Renee or just drop in!

Diana Friedell
Oneonta, NY

Psychic Readings, Mediumship

Offering: Diana tunes into guidance for you regarding relationship, career, family, health or other issues of importance to you. Diana connects with your guides, or angels, and/or loved ones in spirit for the purpose of emotional healing or bringing unfinished business to a close.

Bio:  Diana Friedell, Director, Institute for Spiritual Development
Diana received her advanced training in the Spiritualist Tradition.  She has been doing readings and healings for 17 years.  Diana is a 2004 graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit, in Lily Dale, NY, where she was also ordained, and an education graduate from SUNY Oneonta.  Diana was called to this work as a result of her spiritual search for meaning after her youngest child passed away tragically in 1994.  Diana is available for private appointments in person or by phone, energy healing, meditation and intuitive development classes at ISD Oneonta, as well as parties and functions at your location.
Pre-book to assure a spot, or just drop in!
Contact:  [email protected]; 607-433-2089
Susan Hintz-Epstein

Runes Readings

Offering: Susan welcomes those seeking a reading warmly, and introduces the Runes as symbols that have a continuity of almost 2,000 years for communicating with the metaphysical. A new client often likes to see a Rune, and questions are encouraged. The client is given the Rune bag to hold until she feels ready to begin the reading. Depending on the length of the reading she has chosen, she is asked either to reach into the bag to draw three to seven Runes, or the bag is handed back to the intuitive for a complete Rune Cast. The pattern of the reading varies with the questions the client has, and a complete Rune Cast can last from a half hour to an hour depending on the information provided. Each Rune holds its own variety of meaning in conjunction with those Runes that fall alongside it. The interpreter describes the meanings inherent within each Rune in the manner they fell, and this usually results in conversation with the client, who is encouraged to maintain a dialog with the reader for best interpretation. It is the nature of the Runes to answer what is most pertinent to the client at the time of the reading, and the Runes have often shed fresh light on problems. A three-Rune cast is great for yes-no-maybe types of questions, looking at two possible responses to one course of action, or past-present-future readings. The five-Rune cast considers all sides of a question, the seven-Rune cast becomes even more specific, and the full Rune Cast considers the span of the next year more or less.

Bio: Susan Hintz-Epstein (formerly Susan Laubmeier),  has been reading and working with the Runes since 2013. Susan has been a Reiki healer since 2004, a Reiki Master since 2006, and Gurdjieff student from 1987 to 2000. Susan holds a B.A. from SUNY Oneonta in Studio Art and Anthropology, which maybe contributes to her shamanist attitudes.

Call to Pre-book an appointment with Susan or just drop in!

Phone: 518-947-0645

Judy Lynn Spirit Communicator

International Psychic Evidential Medium, Spiritual Advisor, Energy Healer

Offering: Judy's readings offer a lighthearted, fun and easy approach to the spirit world. She believes that communicating with spirit should not be scary or threatening in anyway.  After all, it's just a conversation, a coming together of souls for a short time to share information, receive guidance or to begin the healing process.  I'm sure you will find comfort and strength in knowing that your loved ones (pets included)  are well, very busy and nearer than you might think.  Please Understand that Spirit only wants the best outcome for all and is excited to be given the opportunity to be heard.

Bio:  Judy Lynn is a Psychic Evidential Medium, Spiritual Advisor and Energy Healer.  She has worked tirelessly over the past 30 years developing her ability to communicate effectively with the spirit world. She's learned to listen carefully to the voices, understand the symbols and recognize the images from spirit. Some voices she hears are those of your loved ones who are eager to connect with you to share messages and evidence that they are still near.  And some voices are from a gathering or collective of spirits wanting to help you on your life's journey. She is a founding member of the Institute for Spiritual Development in Oneonta, NY. An Authorized Psychic Medium and Certified Healer there as well. She is a member of the Spiritualist National Union International and studied and trained in Lily Dale, NY. She is also an Ordained Minister and has enjoyed being the officiant at wedding ceremonies.

Call to Pre-book an appointment with Judy or just drop in!


Phone: 607-316-3260

Massage Therapy
Nancy Okker, L.M.T.

Chair Massage

Bio:  Nancy brings twenty years of experience in massage and energy work to her new location at ISD Oneonta.
Whether you have muscular issues or just need to relax, you will feel refreshed after a session with Nancy, with peaceful music and no interruptions.
Settle into the chair and allow this routine of acupressure loosen  your neck, shoulders, upper back and arms.
15 min. = $25

Connie Lull had to cancel due to the flu!
Tarot Card & Aura Readings

Connie is a lifelong farmer, directly connected to the natural world. She  also  brings the energy of "pilgrimage to many sacred lands."  She uses card and aura reading, as well as automatic writing. "I use joy and grace to assist you to reach your first, best destiny."