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For the past 4 decades I have been helping people find peace and health and joy. Back in 1973 I began searching for greater meaning of life after my parents were in a car accident and did not survive. My search led me to meditation and yoga, which help me deal with the stress and grief of such a shocking loss. It was so helpful, that I changed majors in college and studied to become a meditation teacher. That was 1976. I taught and travelled the world, taking and teaching mediation courses.


In 1988 I was introduced to Ayurveda, the natural health system from India, and Jyotish/Vedic Astrology from India and became enamored with them. One winter I had the flu and was given some Ayurvedic herbs for the flu. I put the powder in water, stirred it and drank it down, as the instructions said. What the instructions didn't say was I would be instantly healed...but I was. In an instant I felt my body became balanced — and I didn't know it was unbalanced before that.


Never experiencing healing in the blink of an eye, I said to myself, "I have to learn about this!" And so I did. I studied Ayurveda, and in the process also got to learn Vedic astrology. They had such a profound transformation on my life and in my client's lives, that I decided to leave my career in TV and move to India — where Ayurveda & Jyotish originated.


Year after year I would visit India, study and return home to practice. In Dec 1988 I met my guru (spiritual teacher) in India. From 1989, I began helping people with food plans, herbs, and lifestyles; and astrology readings. In 1990 my guru recognized me as a swami (monk) and for the first time I felt I had a place and a greater purpose on this planet.


Over the years I started a school, certifying people to practice Ayurveda, created an Ayurveda herbal product line, and spent 6 years writing my first book, the Ayurveda Encyclopedia — which was an #1 best seller, and a top 10 best seller for years. There are 28,000 copies in print.


At the prompting of my students, I wrote a commentary and translation of the Bhagavad Gita, India's quintessential primer on Vedic philosophy, earned a Doctor of Science in Ayurvedic Research & got my research study published. I spoke at the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy, Johns Hopkins University, Penn State, St. George's Medical College in Grenada and more.

In 2007 I moved upstate to the Oneonta area to live in sacred nature with the cows and deer and hawks. Here my life-long, suppressed psychic gifts were re-awakened. My whole life I had psychic gifts, but as a child, the gifts always foretold of my parent's impending death — so at that young age, in my mind, who wanted this ability...I certainly did not see it as a gift back then. Now I was able to help people and so the psychic gifts brought happy resolutions to life crises for others.


While living upstate NY, I also had the opportunity to visit the Amazon rainforest... (I didn't see any books there). It was there I met with two shamans who told me I was a shaman and a healer. During an herbal ceremony I received a healing download that made me realize I could share these healings with others, and 'instant heart healings' began. I found I was able to clear people's hearts and they found love again after many years.


Later I noticed I could also help people feel better from health issues using my energy gifts. I created blessing circles where all the people in the circle sent blessings to one person at a time and afterwards they would report feeling better. A week after one healing, a woman told me her doctors said her leukemia was completely gone and had no explanation for it.


Over the years I learned several aspects of western astrology, and last winter I discovered how to help people pinpoint their best business gifts — what products the masses want to buy from you already — based on your chart; where your blocks to success are, and more. People who I was giving these business astrology readings to would start the session depressed and stuck and leave open and free and with an action plan to move to their next level. They got to places in business in months that they thought would take decades.


These business breakthroughs — a blending of astrology, energy, heart blessings, and psychic healing/intuition are the most exciting work I have done to date. People are transformed and go on to help others through their business.


I love to help people find and advance their life purpose, health, and joy.

Contact me if you feel moved to have sessions with me to help you clear and take action.


Here are a few testimonials from clients from the last SHIFT fair.

I had a 15 minute breakthrough session with Swamiji for romantic blocks that came as a result of my husbands long illness leading to his death. And I felt instant and complete release and relief during the session. I was ready and willing to be open for the breakthrough. Once I opened myself for giving and receiving love from a man other than my husband, I was ready to find out where in the world I could find my true love. Swamiji then gave me the ‘love location’ astrology reading. And the best location for me, to my surprise, is right in the town where I live. Ironically enough, I just met a man where there is a mutual interest in getting to know each other. And I’m ready now! Thanks Swamiji! — requested anonymous


"Swamiji helped alleviate tension in my back and also gave me a great technique to work with emotions that arise in my everyday life."

Andy K.


I had such a release of lifelong emotional pain that I literally had to leave the fair. I was sick to my stomach, then I cried and finally I was very sleepy. The rest of Sunday I slept. Since then I feel like I am being kinder to myself. When I try to go back in my mind to thoughts of the past to dredge pain up I can't seem to hold on to my thoughts they just slip away out of my grasp. I have peace now. Thank you. — Sherry Andrews


"During a session with Swamiji my body had energy coursing through it. I felt a real release of baggage. I feel renewed spiritually. I feel a new sense of purpose. I feel blessed to have such a moving experience."

Tina Mosher


"I received wonderful ideas to help my relationship. I feel I can move on and learn and open myself up." Over the next few days my out of control eating has subsided, not totally gone, but lessened.  I am working  on this actively." Sebrina Brown


"When I stopped by to visit Swamiji, I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Unresolved, ongoing issues in my life had been taking their toll on me for quite some time. In a few short moments, I felt light as a feather, full of motivation and direction, and ready to soar. Swamiji sends out a truly wonderful energy that can lift your heart, release the load from your mind, and restore your well being. Many thanks to you Swamiji!"  Cara Smith


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Wishing you a Joyful, Blessed SHIFT!



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