SHIFT NY Holistic & Psychic Fair 16th Anniversary Program Directory Advertising Opportunity

It's like getting 5 Ads for the price of 1 Ad! 

I n our efforts to attain our mission of helping to make Oneonta a spiritual & holistic destination, and to help support our local holistic & spiritual community, we are creating another opportunity to help connect you and the world of potential clients.

In conjunction with our 16th Annual 2020 SHIFT NY Holistic & Psychic Fair (Formerly the Spiritual Arts Fair), we will be publishing a comprehensive Program Directory which has 4 benefits:

1. Everyone at the fair sees your ad for further connection opportunity. You are reaching a highly targeted population of  "spiritual seekers."  They are looking for what you are offering.

2. Guests take the program home and refer to it all year long (we've had reports of folks getting calls 8 months later from the program)

3. After the fair,  we place extra copies in physician's offices

4. Therapist's offices

5. Healer's offices

Reserve your Ad space NOW!

Reservations Close March 15, 2021

Artwork Deadline is April 11, 2021

Showcase Your Services & Products 

–Always at Our Community's Fingertips–

Place an Ad in our 16th annual SHIFT NY Holistic & Psychic Fair Program Directory

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